Handy Tips To Launch An Effective  Face Mask Fundraiser

Face Mask fundraising aligns with the new normal world conditions and is a low-risk, high-return fundraising strategy. Not just raise money for your cause but keep people safe at the same time. If you are new to this idea, here are a few tips that will help you get started.


First things first!  Finding an appropriate fundraising platform is what makes or breaks your campaign. The platform you choose should be versatile with multiple selling features that will help you to maximize your fund raising efforts.

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Offer multiple options: Offer your supporters a variety of mask styles to offer something special for everyone. It will make sure that you don’t miss out on sales because you didn’t have a specific style. It is recommended to include kids’ masks as well in your list to reach out to everyone in your community.

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Customization. Make your masks look stylish and unique with interesting designs and message that will inspire the audience and bring them closer to your social cause. A well-designed custom face mask can go a long way in making the sales surge. Use fewer colors, upload high clarity images and use your logo and tagline to make a stronger connection with your members. Make the best use of the printable area on masks, which is about a 4-inch square. Keep your design simple while keeping the text size large enough to be read from a distance.

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Online publicity: Having the best face masks in stock is only half your job done. Make an announcement in your website about your fund raising campaign with an attractive and descriptive headline that sums up your campaign and get more people into it .

Tell the story of your campaign by giving more information about your cause and the utilization of the funds you raise. You can even upload images and videos of your campaign to engage the audience with your message.

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Promote Your Mask Fundraiser: Get started by reaching out to your key supporters and donors by requesting them to share your fundraiser with their community.

The popularity of Social media platforms like Facebook and instagram can be utilized to support your campaign. Be sure to include images of the face masks you plan to sell to pique easy interest and make brisk sales.

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Last but not least prepare a checklist of your promotion to make sure that you cover all points throughout your campaign.

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