Budget Friendly Swag- The Need Of The Hour In The New Normal World

As the promotional dollars are scarce and the road map just set to get back to normality, cost effective brand promotions have become the top priority for marketers. Get started with these budget friendly handouts that remind your customers about your message while getting your brand well spotted – without costing you a fortune.


Well cut to suit a small budget, these custom products will effectively get across your message to a wider audience. No matter whether you wish to reach out to your work from home team, outdoorsy clientele or more, these logo items will fit your bills perfectly. Here are soem budgte friendly giveaways to consider.

 Webcam Covers for privacy!

Webcam covers will help your remote team and clients to stay safe from the prying eyes of the hackers and to shut out their private world with ease. These small yet high utility items are easy to hand out, or mail out  in the current situation . Just think of the incredible branding potential of webcam covers that will literally keep your message in plain sight of your recipients every time they are in front of their laptops- for work, play or anything in between!

Ultra Thin Webcam Covers

Headphones to cancel the outside noise

Working from home comes with its own set of challenges and noisy settings including playful kids, TV in full volume and kitchen gadgets working nonstop. So your employees will truly find these custom ear buds handy accessories to stay focused and keep those unwanted noises at bay. Choose from a wide range of models including wireless headphones that will go a long way in reducing distractions and help your team to stay on their tasks.

Custom headphones also make it easy for your employees to communicate with the rest of the team and customers during zoom meetings and business calls. No matter how they wish to use, your brand imprinted on these will get a lot of attention and appreciation.

Boompods Airpod Headphones

A mug for the caffeine hit- all day!

Can there be a time when a mug is not needed? Never is the answer. Your clients will love to have these trendy custom tumblers on their work desks to cater to their refreshment needs.  Drinkware items will never go out of fashion; plus these are reusable and holds immense branding potential.

Whether it is the classic ceramic mugs or insulated metal tumblers or more, we have something for every taste.  Your message imprinted on these well appreciated handouts will remain in plain view of the audience for a long time!

12 Oz Iridescent Ceramic Mugs

Corkscrew and wine glasses for the evening tipple!

All work and no fun can be boring! Your team deserves a break and some sun down hours after their work. Choose from a wide range of bar ware items like bottle openers, wine glasses and decanters that will enhance their cocktail experience. Get these logo items branded with your brand and message; these will easily make the best handouts at this time when the  pubs and restaurants  are still not fully operational.

Carouge Parrot Shaped Corkscrews Bottle Openers

Looking for more money saving gift ideas? We have an exclusive section of under $1 custom giveaways that will help you get started. Happy shopping!