Halloween – Trivia And Facts That You May Not Be Aware

Let’s be frank about it! Halloween is one of the most exciting and spooky holidays in the country. Popular among both kids and kids at heart, it gives a perfect occasion for everyone to pull off some eerie tricks on others. We all love to get scared at some point or the other and that is what makes suspense thriller movies and ghost stories block busters! Be it haunted house theme parties, trick or treating, costume parties or themed dinner events, Halloween offers loads of fun and spookiness and is consistently rated as a popular holiday.

Halloween – Trivia And Facts That You May Not Be Aware

For marketers, Halloween will make a great time to make their brand piggyback on this popular holiday and to drive up the business. From pumpkin shaped bags, to candies and cookies to glow in the dark items and more, we have a complete line of Halloween custom gifts in all possible price rates that will make you laugh and even shriek out.

Here are some amazing facts about Halloween that you will love to know about.

  • The Halloween day spending for the year 2017 is expected to be $8.4B (according to the National Retail Federation).
  • 171 billion Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year.
  • Men spend $10 more per on Halloween gifts than women.
  • The most popular Halloween costumes among adults in the age group of 18-35 have been Superhero costumes while people who are above this age group found witches and pirates their favorite dress theme.
  • 2017 will see more people dress themselves up in themed costumes than during any other Halloween in history.
  • 70.9% revelers celebrating Halloween plan to set out on trick or treating trips, handing out candy on Halloween night.
  • 30% of Halloween spending will be on candy.
  • Halloween promotions turned out to be the most beneficial for home improvement stores and department stores last year

Halloween makes the first big opportunity to enhance sales and to end the year on a bullish note. So, if you have not started Halloween promotions yet, it is high time to get your promotional activities into top gear right away.

Here are some custom gifts that you will love for sure

Food and Candy

People will spend 30% of their Halloween shopping budget on candies, so make custom food and candy your Halloween gift without fail. Choose from a delectable range of sweet delights like candies, cookies, chocolates and more. Personalize these with your brand and Halloween greetings to make these gifts extra sweet.

Custom Imprinted Mints In Clic Clac Tin

Safety items

Safety items will make a highly useful gift items to consider as these keep kids safe and visible at night during trick or treating while your brand gets all the attention. Glow bracelets and necklaces or glow safety sticks will all be perfect gift ideas that add up to the party mood and will make kids visible for motorists. Halloween pedestrian fatalities have been showing an alarming rise in recent times and these smart gift ideas will keep children safe in the dark alleyways during their trick and treating trips.

Custom Printed Glow Stick Safety Lights

Trick or treat bags

Halloween is all about candies and goodie bags. Check out our fabulous collection of pumpkin shaped bags that will drive up the fun of the Halloween party. Halloween Pumpkin Themed Drawstring Backpacks will be a smart gift idea. These Jack O Lantern themed drawstring bags feature reflective ink for better visibility in the dark. Kids and kids at heart will love these brightly colored treat bags for sure. Halloween Pumpkin Themed Drawstring Backpacks is another Halloween gift that will tug the hearts of your recipients easily. Ensure hands free convenience for your recipients during their trick or treating trips with these trendy bags that will make a perfect choice for picnics and parties as well.

Promotional Halloween Pumpkin Themed Drawstring Backpacks

Need more? Browse our collection of custom gifts and choose an item that matches your budget.

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