Halloween  Spending Patterns  And Trends- Infographics

Halloween continues to be one of the big ticket events in the country with more people splurging on Halloween gifts, candies and costumes.  Over the years there has been a steep rise not just in the number of people celebrating this day but also in the total amount spent on Halloween.

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Here are some eye popping statistics on Halloween that proves how popular it has evolved in the holiday calendar of Americans.

Halloween infographics

In 2018 around 70% of the population celebrated Halloween as against 53% in the year 2005.

The steep rise in the number of Halloween revelers prove that this eerie and spooky festival is all set to be here for a long time to come! Not just kids but people of all age groups celebrate Halloween in its true spirit and fun.

Popular ways on how People celebrate Halloween

The most popular ways of celebrating Halloween has also seen an eclectic pattern among Americans. While most people celebrated the day by decorating their homes in Halloween themes, an equally impressive fraction of revelers celebrated the day by participating in costume parties or indulging in customary activities like carving pumpkins. Attending Halloween parties and trick or treating fun were the other popular ways for Halloween party makers to make the day memorable.

Halloween spending has been going up steadily over the years

While in the year 2016 the total Halloween spending has been 8.4 billion USD, in 2018 it was a staggering 9.0 billion USD, which clearly suggests an upswing in the spending pattern! The break-up of the amount spent also shows an interesting pattern. While Halloween costumes accounted for 3.2 billion USD, decorations and Halloween candy spending stood at 2.7 billion USD and 2.6 billion USD respectively.

The most popular Halloween costume ideas

Among kids, the most popular Halloween costume idea has been Princess while Superhero, Batman and Star Wars characters were close behind.

Among adults the first 4 most popular costume ideas have been Witch, Vampire, Zombie and Pirate.

In pet costumes, the most popular themes have been Pumpkin, which was followed by Hot dog, Bumble bee and Devil among others.

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