A Few Smart Tips On Lumpy Mailer Campaigns Worth Trying

Lumpy mail, as the name denotes is not just a plain envelope or a letter! It comes with a free gift  inside that makes it lumpy. So, whoever gets it will be tempted to open it in haste. Making your mailers lumpy is easy even when you are on a budget because even the smallest custom gifts like erasers  will leave the envelope bulged.

Pen 2

Direct mailer campaigns have a personal touch that is hard to miss! It is the best way for marketers to show their friendly brand profile and build a fan base. If you are still using plain old newsletters and single page business letters, lumpy mailers will make a great choice to impress your audience. It will spare your prospects from junk mails and forwarded mass mailers.

Printed Die Cut Erasers

Direct mail is a rage – not hype!

Direct mail is very much alive and kicking and it works better than ever. People flooded with online letters will find it a welcome change; and the thought of the postman delivering a real and tangible gift into the letter boxes itself is so refreshing! Consider light weight yet popular handouts like pens, microfiber clothes or webcam covers that wont add up to the postage

 Slider Webcam Covers

 Facts and figures speak for themselves

  • Direct mail response rate is 5.1% against 0.6% email, 0.6% paid search, 0.2% online display, 0.4% social media.
  • 92% of shoppers rely on direct mail for making purchasing decisions.
  • Lumpy mails get 100% opened by the recipients.
  • Direct mail drives up online donations by 40%.
  • Direct mail response rate among millennial aged 18-21 years old is 12.4%.
  • Direct mailers ensure a great return on investment. Reports show that for every $167 spent of direct mail, marketers sell $2,095 in goods—that’s a 1,255% return.

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3.Set a timeline

If you are planning a direct mail campaign, choose a frequency option that suits your marketing goals. Make sure that there is a recommended gap in between consecutive mailers to retain the interest and build up anticipation among the recipients.

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  • One time mailer: Send a mailer during occasions like special events, grand openings, annual fundraisers  or discount sales.
  • Drip Campaign: You can set a fortnightly, quarterly or monthly calendar to send mailers. The objective of this campaign is to keep your brand on top of the mind by sharing your seasonal offers, new arrivals or opportunities.
  • Triggered mailers: It is typically carried out in response to a specific reason or trigger; for instance, new prospects, donations, customer care events etc. Your lumpy mail will bring positive outcome for sure.

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