Halloween Promotional Ideas 2022- Must Read

Halloween may not be a major shopping event like Christmas or back-to-school. However, it still continues to be a red letter day for most retailers thanks to its popularity as a fun themed family holiday.

During  the 2022 Halloween season, nearly seven in 10 consumers are planning to celebrate Halloween as per the reports of National Retail Federation. The average spending per customer is expected to be $10.6 billion on Halloween this year, up from $10.1 billion last year.

Halloween may not be overwhelming like Black Friday in terms of holiday shopping revenue. However, it still gives an opportunity for retailers to cash in on the holiday spending with less hassle. Moreover, during this popular holiday season, you don’t have to necessarily invest in Halloween-themed merchandise because anything fun themed will be a hit.

 How to take advantage of  Halloween promotions

As  Halloween spending is all set to register  a spike this year , it will indeed be a wise move to concentrate on Halloween promotions. So, start your promotions early to capture every Halloween shopper from the early birds to late shoppers.

Here are some exciting Halloween promotional ideas worth exploring

Email campaigns

Use Halloween email templates to spread the word about your promotions to your existing customers. It will surely build up the buzz and get them into the holiday mood. Create interesting templates including animated ones with a spooky theme that will complement the Halloween theme. Also, make sure to add a compelling content to complete the fun and make sure that  these  emails convert. Announce exciting deals, contest prizes and more. In addition, choose a festive theme and a catchy headline to  get everyone click open the emails.

Adopt a Halloween-themed  decor

Make sure to create a Halloween themed makeover to your stores to bring in the festive crowd  and  Halloween shoppers . You can even set up a themed window display to showcase merchandise. Why not set up a photo booth in haunted  house theme to impress the audience? It will definitely let them  take home some great memories

Online stores can also think of adding  a Halloween theme to their  landing page. Think of creative animated images and artwork to make your website stand out. Most importantly, make sure that your website is optimized for mobile so that  the customers can get the updates of your Halloween promotions on their phones.

Halloween themed  social media posts

Further, take the spooky Halloween fun to your social media pages with appropriate hashtags to help customers find you. It is indeed a great way to  boost your online presence during Halloween and get your message across. Best of all, even if you don’t have Halloween-related merchandise, social media posts will  drive interest in your shop and enhance your  brand awareness.

Halloween-themed fun contest

Besides, organize Halloween-themed fun contest both at your retail stores or online to create a buzz. You can even  incorporate fall décor theme to celebrate the seasonal trends. It will surely get your customers use your products to decorate their homes and tag you in their photos. Offering raffle gifts or discount coupons for the winners  is another way to make your Halloween promotions truly special.

A trick-or-treating event

Bring in the Halloween fun right into your stores by hosting a trick-or-treating to offer a safe and easy way for the family audience to enjoy the fun. Hand out candies and other giveaways to your customers. Make sure to  notify your existing customers bout this special deal well in advance to ensure  attendance.

‌You can even organize a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood that involves gift cards and coupons hidden in different locations.

Offer  Discounts on  fall merchandise

Halloween is a perfect excuse to sell off fall merchandise to make room for your holiday inventory.  It will surely drive up the crowd. Offer special discounts on fall season items like jackets and scarves, decorate the display section in pumpkin and fall leaves to create the right feel. You can even offer discounts on Halloween staples like costume accessories, glow products , gift bags or candies to complete the promotional theme.


Free custom giveaways

Offer your customers free custom gifts with purchases. Halloween items printed with a promo code will make a great way to increase the footfalls.

Make Halloween-themed blog posts

Create engaging Halloween blogs and social media posts to get more people to drop into your stores without having to pay for conventional ads. Link the products listed in the post  to take the visitors right into the sale section of your website.

You can even create interesting Halloween themed videos on YouTube or other video platforms to make your posts rank better in search engines.


Host a Halloween party 

Host a Halloween party  after store hours with DJ. It will let people shop more so that they can enjoy the party  before they head out to other party venues. You can sell tickets through your social media pages and if you have snapshots of previous events, upload it to pique interest in the minds of the audience and let them know what lies in store for them. Include fun events like costume contests for the customers and  choose a winner at the end.

Community events

Halloween-themed charity events is another brilliant option to reinforce your local brand presence.  Sponsor events or set up a booth at a community event. You can even send coupons to be included in gift bags.

Halloween truly offers tons of creative promotional opportunities for retailers. So, come up with some creative ideas to drive in a fair share of fall shoppers. Community events and contest prizes are also proven ways to engage shoppers and spread the Halloween fun.

Planning Halloween-themed promotions doesn’t have to be difficult. Get started with these tips to plan a spooky branding just in time when the ghosts start coming out.

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