Great Leave Behind Gifts That Make a Statement

Make the personal meeting with your clients  a privilege with these interesting leave behind gifts.

In today’s digital world, tangible gifts get instant attention as these stand out easily against digital ads that fade off  quickly- often without leaving any lasting impressions. Studies show that meeting in person is 34 times more effective than an email or text communication. Enhance the experience of the meeting and make a  personal connection with custom gifts. It will keep your clients engaged with your brand even after the meeting ends!

These small tokens of appreciation have longer legs than you may realize! It is a nice way to show your gratitude to an existing or potential client. Moreover, these promotional items serve as a reminder of your brand long after the meeting has ended.

You can imprint your name, brand, email address, or anything else you’d like to leave behind with a customer on these handouts.  Unlike business cards or brochures that are easily lost or misplaced, custom gifts are also well retained. Moreover, these functional items can serve a real purpose in a client’s life. Leave behind gifts not just make a good first impression, but impress your clients and make a strong lasting impression.  

Here are some popular leave behind gifts that never fail


Tried and tested, custom pens make winners in promotional items. People always need writing instruments to make note of important information, scribble random thoughts or even doodle. For this reason, pens are highly popular and useful handouts. Though it is a simple and basic item how many times have you gone to a business meeting only to realize most attendees have forgotten their pens?

Custom pens are easy to distribute and will get used right away. Pens surely will remain at each of your recipient’s  desk to get used over and over again. Hence your brand imprinted on it will make countless impressions. And each time your clients use it, they’ll think of you, and remember you next time they need a service or product you can provide.

USB drives

Compact and small,  USB drives make a great leave behind at business meetings. Customize these data storage items with your logo and message and pop your presentation on these to make a neat presentation . it is a smarter alternative to emails  which could easily be ignored. Custom USB will effectively serve as a physical reminder of your meeting.

As you see, leave behind promotional items are a smart strategy to show that you’re willing to go the distance for them. Explore our complete line of custom gifts to choose an appropriate leave behind gift that will spice up your personal interactions.