Fund Raising Giveaways Worth A Closer Look in 2024

Most businesses keep charity events closer to their hearts to reflect their social commitment. With the cost of living hitting people’s cash reserves, non profits often find it difficult to support their causes. Reports say that in 2023 , most non profits reported a significant drop in the resources they raised. As fundraising events still remain one of the most significant revenue generators for nonprofits to make funds, non profits may have to focus on new patrons and donations more than ever.

Here are some  promotional products  that will  help fundraising teams with revenue generation and New donor engagement. You can even give away promotional swag in exchange for donations or even sell to charity supporters for revenue generation. In addition, they are also very budget-friendly for fundraising targets.

Charity Enamel Buttons

Visually appealing and practical, buttons have always been a budget friendly fundraising tool. Non profits can also showcase their brand and message in an effective way by getting these badges imprinted with their campaign  taglines and brand. These custom giveaways can even create a tangible connection between your charity and the supporters.

Durable and long lasting, buttons even make desirable items for donors. They act as long-lasting symbols of the donor’s commitment, often worn proudly, continuously promoting the charity. Being highly visible, these full color enamel buttons often transform supporters into ambassadors who spread awareness through everyday interactions.

In addition, badges often double up as collectibles, which will foster a sense of community among supporters. Buttons create a strong emotional connection that can lead to sustained engagement and repeated donations. Being budget friendly, custom badges have one of the lowest production costs. This makes custom buttons a great choice for charities that wish to enhance their fundraising impact while sticking to their budget.

Promotional keychains

Keychains also make an effective fundraising tool for many reasons. Firstly, they are incredibly practical because everyone needs it on a daily basis. Being highly practical, logo keychains are likely to be used frequently, regularly keeping the charity’s message in the public eye.

Further, custom keychains offer high visibility. Attached to keys, they are seen by not just the users but even people  around them, increasing brand exposure and awareness for the social cause. Being highly visible, buttons set off word-of-mouth promotion and spread the word about your cause, enhancing the charity’s reach.

Promotional Charity Silicon Wristbands

Charity silicone wristbands are indeed a powerful awareness-raising tool. These fashionable accessories are also available in various color choices and are cost effective as well. Wristbands will even foster a sense of community among your sponsors and volunteers around charitable causes.  These colorful bands catch easy public attention and promote the charity’s message. Add your logo and full color designs on these awareness bracelets to stand out in the competition.

Make your team stand out In Custom T shirts

Your team must easily stand out during any charity event. Branded apparels will also help in engaging the audience with your cause. In addition, it will create an element of recognition among both new and existing charity patrons.

Custom t-shirts make effective yet  passive form of advertising to drive across your message without being overwhelming. When team members wear these T shirts in public, they spread awareness about the charity and its causes. Moreover, it will create increased interest and support from the community. The best part is that custom T shirts often  become keepsakes of the cause even after the event  or merchandise. They can be sold or given as a token of appreciation to supporters, to raise additional revenue for the charity.


Logo lanyards offer a prominent display of your brand . When you add your logo and message to lanyards, they also become portable billboards for your charity. It will enhance the charity’s visibility and recognition among attendees and even outside the event. Ideal to hold ID badges, keys, or other necessary items, lanyards are high utility giveaways that not many people can resist.

Custom Hoodies

Hoodies are durable and practical for outdoor events or in colder weather. Moreover, they keep the team comfortable, while getting your message across to a wider audience. An interesting custom hoodie will even encourage conversations among attendees, spreading awareness about the charity’s work and goals.

Eco Friendly Promotional Products for charity Fundraising Campaigns.

In 2024, more charities will be including ecofriendly giveaways in their fund raising events. Sustainable and budget friendly, these handouts will also make a great alternative disposable novelty gifts. From cotton tote bags to bamboo pens and wheat tumblers, you will find a lot of interesting options to consider. For custom event clothing, you can consider apparels made of organic cotton. When you have a small budget and marketers need to choose the best giveaways that fit the budget , you can choose ecofriendly giveaways.

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