Custom Housewarming Gift Sets for Promoting Your Realtor Services

Extend a warm welcome to the new home owners with thoughtful custom giveaways. Moving into a new home is not just an exciting experience but it can also be a stressful one for most people. House warming gifts will make moving homes easier and enjoyable while promoting your brand. Offering custom gifts imprinted with your company logo and message  is a great way for realtors to engage the new home owners with their message.  Designed to complement the new home and lifestyle, these gifts will indeed make your clients feel special. Whether it is custom photo frames, flashlights, keychains or printed candles, these practical items are used in every new home.

Customize it to make it unique

Add a welcoming message and an artwork along with the basic details like logo and contact details to make them feel appreciated. The best part is that  offering these company gifts  can encourage referrals to relatives and friends, which in turn will enhance your brand popularity. Some popular promo items in these branded gift sets are logo blankets, and wine coolers among others. These giveaways are not just useful but will create a feel of luxury to their spaces. By investing in custom housewarming gift sets, realtors can show their clients that they care about their experience.

Consider your client’s lifestyle

 You want your gift to be useful to your client. So, make sure to consider their tastes, traditions, and lifestyle when choosing a gifts.

Here are some great gift ideas that realtors can consider.

Home improvement gifts

Whether it is their first home or second, home improvement gifts are useful for every genre of homeowners. From high quality multi tools to tech devices for smart homes and seasonal favorites, these gifts will enhance the spaces and add a modern touch to their new home while ensuring practical utility.

Local experience

Gifts that help your clients discover their new community is another great idea. For instance, gift cards of locally renowned restaurants to tickets to a popular local event, options are truly limitless. It will make it easier for your clients to explore their new surroundings while supporting local businesses.

Personalized items

From custom towels to picture frames and wall clocks , you will find a lot of gifts that complements the style of the house and make your clients feel at home. Customize it with your brand and message  to make it extra special

Ecofriendly gifts

Plant kits can signify growth and new beginnings. It will inspire the new home owners to grow their gardens and enhance the aesthetic appeal to the spaces. They will surely remember this thoughtful gift idea for a long time.

Home spa essentials

After the stress of shifting into their new home and setting it up, your clients  will surely appreciate some self-care items. So, invest in home spa essentials like scented candles and essential oils that will leave your recipients relaxed and calm after the hectic session of unpacking. Offer them a  well-deserved pampering with these high utility giveaways.

High-quality cookware

For those clients who love cooking, high-quality cookware will be a thoughtful giveaway to celebrate their new kitchen. From storage containers to knife sets, measuring cups and BBQ sets, you will find a lot of custom giveaways that will elevate their cooking experience. Kitchen is often the heart of the home, and this gift will highlight this fact like never before.

Magazine subscription

An annual subscription to a magazine can surely be a great gift, especially if it aligns with your clients’ interests. Choose magazines on interior décor, food and wine or gardening, which every home owner might find useful. Further, magazine subscription will make a thoughtful gift that your prospects will remember for a long time to come.

Wine gifts

A bottle of high-quality wine or champagne can indeed offer a celebratory touch. Pair it with barware items like glasses to swizzle sticks and more. Choose growlers with a vintage touch that can be saved for a special occasion or enjoyed straight away. A personalized wine bag or a wine sets will also make exceptional gift choices.

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