Fun Face Mask Design Ideas that will make your Brand Stand Out

Wearing a mask every day has become a boring yet mandatory norm in the new normal world. However, why you should wear the same boring plain masks every day when you have the privilege of creating something different for every event?

Reusable 2 Ply Child Face Mask with Pocket for Filter

When everyone is expected to wear masks out in public every day, reusable mask is a better option. Marketers can hand out face masks customized with fun images and taglines for their clients and employees to offer a respite from wearing the same, basic face mask. Show off your personality and humor with custom fun quotes, images or more to make it interesting for your audience.  You can literally print a reusable face mask with pretty much anything on it!

Here are a few fun ideas to customize face masks.

Animal Face Masks

Hugely popular especially among kids, animal faces can be printed onto the face mask for a silly and light-hearted face covering. Even adults will love to flaunt their wild side of fashion in these face masks. Make sure to choose animal designs with round noses and faces for maximum impact and perfect imprint.

Fun quotes

The mask doesn’t have to have a funny picture, it could also be a funny quote!  Think of some plain and silly jokes that will make people laugh every time they see these quotes. Let’s be frank about it! A good laugh is what your recipients need right now with everything going on in the world.   Pick up non offensive jokes that people of all age groups can enjoy. Ideally the joke that you choose should be catchy, marketable, and makes light of a very serious issue without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Full Graphic Sublimation Face Mask with Filter Pocket

Smiley and emoji expressions

Another fun idea for face coverings is to have a smile printed onto the face mask to make everyone appear smiling even when they may have a bad day because their mask is anyway smiling. Choose from different emoji expressions to give your custom masks a distinct personality that is hard to miss!

2 Ply Reusable Child Face Mask with Pocket for Filter


Celebrate humor in all its aspects with  office jokes, pandemic jokes or more and see how face masks can be personalized for a good laugh while keeping the users safe from elements. When you have versatile and expressive handouts like custom face masks, ideas don’t end- literally.

Dye Sublimated 3-Layer Mask

It can even be hand written jokes or witty one liners  in fun fonts. Let your imagination flow do that you can come up with printed face masks with innumerable fun designs that will leave your audience in splits! Did we say that we have even full color dye sublimated face masks that will highlight your jokes big and bold!

Choose from a wide range of reusable face masks and come up with a fun tagline or image to complete the look!