Facemask Plus Ear Saver Combo- The No Pain Just Gain way of Wearing Masks!

Face masks are the norm in today’s world. However, wearing masks for a long time can be a pain on the ears- if not the proverbial pain in the neck!  This is where ear savers come into the bigger picture. These extendable bands will ensure a perfect fit for the mask while reducing the pain and pressure in the ear caused while wearing masks for a long time.


Reusable or disposable, face masks are available in different models at various price rates. Marketers can choose to hand out blank masks or imprinted reusable masks that bear their logo, message or artwork to their clients and customers. Why not add ear extenders to your order of face masks to get the dual advantage of the safety of face masks plus added comfort  for your recipients while wearing masks.

Offered in a range of colors, these durable and flexible ear extenders can be easily matched with your apparel colors. Get dual brand exposure on both the mask and the ear savers at the same time and make your brand the talk of the town literally!

Ear Saver & Mask Extender Ear Protection

These adjustable ear savers can be used with any type of masks and fit everyone. Light weight, easy to clean and long lasting, ear savers  can be adjusted to ensure a form fitting of the mask without putting pressure on the ears leaving it sore and painful.

If the mere thought of having to put on masks for a long time makes you shudder, check out these handy extenders to make mask wearing experience comfortable and fashionable alike. The mask plus ear saver combo will make value added giveaways during promotional events, mailer campaigns and corporate events among others. Pair up these 2 popular wellness items to ensure better utility and purpose for your recipients and see how it will boost your brand popularity and goodwill.

Mask extenders made of soft silicone material will keep the mask comfortably fitted without putting pressure on the ears of the users. The elastic straps of the face mask can be comfortably hooked behind your head to protect the ears while ensuring a perfect fit for the masks. The imprinted message on the face mask  will get  displayed at the front while the imprint on the ear savers will be displayed at the rear respectively – at the same time!  Your message will indeed  get a lot of attention wherever your recipients go.

Offer the best for your customers by duding up masks and ear savers to make a wonderful custom gift that will impress your recipients.