Fourth of July 2022- Retail Trends and Forecast

It will be interesting to see how consumers celebrate 4th of July this year. The survey conducted by NRF on the likely spending patterns of customers has shed some interesting information.

84% of people plan to celebrate Independence Day celebrations this year

4th of July has always been a popular holiday among Americans, not just for its patriotic fervor but even as the celebration of the onset of summer.

26% of people plan to purchase patriotic items

Likewise, star and striped items or products in the colors of red, white and blue are likely to be the most trending this year also. So, marketers can invest in custom Independence Day giveaways in this theme to leave a lasting impression!

$84.12 is the planned spending per person this year

Most people are planning to celebrate Independence day on a grand scale this year. Forecasts show that it is likely to have a remarkable surge in the average spending pattern per person in 2022.

59% people plan to attend BBQ events and cook out parties

Nothing says summer like parties and cook out fun. As anticipated, this year too, most Americans would be heading to the woods to enjoy a BBQ party.

37% people plan to attend community celebrations and fireworks

With the relaxation of the pandemic restrictions, this year is also likely to see a lot of community events like parades and fireworks.

136% plan to attend parades

A staggering 136% of Americans plan to attend parades during 2022 Independence day. This year crowded parties and events will indeed be the norm!

Though inflation continues to be a cause of concern for most consumers, it may not  affect the spirit of Independence day celebrations; going by the upbeat stats and figures. Marketers can obviously make the best use of the prevailing trends by including patriotic themed custom giveaways to make their brand part of their celebrations. In addition, planning cook out parties and community fairs are some of the other ways to engage the audience with their brand.

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