Four fabulous Tips from the Experts on Custom Wall Calendars

If you thought wall calendars are a thing of the analog past that not many people use these days, you could be in for a surprise. Even today, for an average Joe, wall calendars are indispensible part of his home or office, whereas marketers employ these imprinted wall calendars with success year after year as promotional gifts and tradeshow handouts. During the busy holiday season promotions and New Year, there can’t be a more sensible gift idea to think about. These budget friendly handouts will not just handout an item of daily utility for your clients but will put your brand on top if their minds for the next 365 days!


Versatility is thy middle name!
Promotional wall calendars are versatile gift items that appeal to people of all age groups and genders. These will help business owners to reach out to not just your current customers but your prospective clients as well by way of tradeshow gifts or mailer campaign items.

With a whole new year just around the corner, it is the right time for you to start ordering for these logo calendars that are available in various attractive themes including Landscapes of America, Fairways and greens, cocktails, Currier and Ives and many more. Imprint your logo and message on these and see how these logo items will make screaming billboards that are impossible to get overlooked.Custom Imprinted 2017 Puppies and Kittens Mini Wall Calendars

These 4 tips from the experts will help you to make the most of custom wall calendars during your holiday promotions.

  • Get Started Early
    The ideal time to place orders for 2017 promotional wall calendars will be early November when most people start planning for the New Year. Calendars are highly time-sensitive that lose value and relevance after every passing day. Timing can be critical for promotional items like wall calendars as your recipients will not be pleased to get a calendar, months after the change of year. So, the golden rule to keep in mind would be not to wait till the nth hour or into the New Year for making the orders. Start early so that you get these promotional  items ready in time.You can even consider using the same design that your customers are fond of. It will be a subtle idea to make your audience familiar with your brand.
  • Put Your Brand On it The Smart Way
    Designing a perfect logo wall calendar is not just about finding a good image. It is also about imprinting your contact details, phone number or website url for the customers to reach you whenever they are in need of your services of products. Emergency phone numbers, kitchen conversion table or CPR tips are some of the other imprint data that can be considered. You can also add motivational quotes, peppy slogans or eye catching artwork to grab and retain the attention of the onlookers for a longer while. Wall calendars make interesting conversation topics among most people as a beautiful calendar will grab the attention of anyone who happens to see it!
  • Settle for Niche themes
    Make sure to have a specific theme if you are planning to reach out to a niche audience who share the same interest. For instance you can use car themed calendars to reach out to customers who are passionate about cars.Promotional Logo 2017 Muscle Cars Spiral Wall CalendarsIf you have a mixed audience with diverse tastes to cater to, it is best to choose landscape and nature images for your calendars as these are the most popular among all themes.
  • Give your users what they like!
    If you have been using wall calendars for your promotions for some time, you can go by the popularity trends and outcomes to find out the most popular theme in calendars. On the other hand, if you are using these logo items for the first time, you can listen to a few tips from your regular customers to give them something that they will surely love. Since calendar is a yearly product, it is important to learning a thing or two about the popular themes. By using quality photo papers in the wall calendars, you can enhance the retention as people would even love to frame each of these images once the month gets over.

Leave enough white spaces or a grid space on the calendar pages for the recipients to write about their daily schedules and reminders. It will ensure more face time from your customers and your brand recall rate will go up steadily with every passing day.

Have you used custom wall calendars before for your sales promotions? Please share your experiences and contribute to this story by adding your suggestions below!

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