6 Steal Worthy Ways To Use Promotional Beach Balls

Interestingly beach balls are not just for the summer. The fact that we continue to get beach ball orders even in mid fall season prove this beyond doubt. This classic beach toy is not just for those bucket and spade holidays but can be used in countless ways to promote events, companies, and non-profit organizations. These fun filled and budget friendly promotional products will never fail to turn heads no matter whether you use it during pool parties, events or fairs. Available in various sizes and color combinations, you can choose beach balls that match your promotional needs and budget.


Here are some steal worthy ideas to employ custom beach balls that will make your creative juices flowing. Add a fun twist to it and you are all set to rock your promotions.

Creative Ways to Use Custom Beach Balls

  • As free gifts: Are you trying to promote your beach resort or hotel? Logo imprinted beach balls will make a fun gift item for your guests to take home. Everyone loves freebies and a beach ball will make a perfect gift for any business. To make the gifts more effective, you can think of combo gift ideas like beach balls with lip balm with SPF or beach towels.
  • Halloween Games:¬†Beach balls can be used for night time treasure hunt games or for haunted house themed games. Imprint your logo and message on these fun items and make your brand part of their fun hours.12 Inch Custom Printed Beach Balls
  • Invitations: Beach balls make unique invitations. Imprint your logo, message and event details on these to make these compelling invitations or save the date items for your guests. The 6″ or 12″ size beach balls work best for mailing.
  • Party Decor: Be it as a wall hanging, a table centerpiece or a decorative item for the lawns or gardens, beach balls will round off any decorative theme easily. The smaller beach balls will make fabulous centerpieces that can be set on top of a bowl.
  • Restaurant Menu: Special menu, weekly specials or holiday specialties can all be printed on beach balls to make quirky menu cards. You can even hand it out to your guests once they place the order as free gifts which they will love to cherish for a long time. You can even choose to print your entire menu on the beach balls and every time they are out on the beach for a holiday, they will be reminded of your fare and will make a visit to your eatery to check out what is new on the list.
  • Grand Openings: Beach balls make great options to announce new store openings, product launches or holiday deals. These impressive and colorful balls will never shy away from building up a buzz for your event. You can decorate the store windows or archways with logo balls, hand it out to your employees or use it for street corner publicity. No matter how you choose to use these logo items, these will never fail to leave a lasting impression.

In addition to the above, you can think of any number of applications for beach balls. Share some of your unique ideas on to make it an interesting thread of conversation.

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