Four Fabulous Themes For A Dream Winter Wedding

Winter wedding has a dramatic charm about it. The endless stretches of snow dotted landscapes with pine trees and the softly drifting snowflakes will all make a perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding. The best part is that you can get creative to come with something really special. You have a range of winter wedding themes to consider; just put on your thinking caps and come up with something really dramatic. Let’s be frank about it! Winter weddings will have an intimate feeling that cannot be matched by weddings in any other season.


To help you get started, we have some interesting winter wedding themes for you to consider. Everyone in your wedding entourage including even the groom will be spellbound with these great wedding themes. Check it out.

A winter wonderland theme

Make the Santa’s abode as your wedding backdrop with this winter wonderland theme. Most weddings in this theme will feature white fabric decorations, white lights, white twigs and snowflakes around. Settle for subtle silver or white color scheme that complement the winter landscape around. Avoid bright colors and shades that will jut out as it will spoil the subtle charm of the theme. Be lavish with satin ribbons frosty décor items and top it off with a glistening icy wedding cake. Ceramic mugs or custom beanies will all make delightful wedding favors that go well with the theme.

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Ski wedding theme

Winter is the time for most people to hit the slopes and to enjoy a ski holiday. No matter whether you enjoy skiing or not, you will definitely find the ski theme an interesting wedding theme to consider as it is nothing but fun and laughter. Any wedding is a thrilling high-altitude experience for everyone. You can weave in a perfect ski theme to your wedding by handing out a delightful ski pass as invites. You can name the guest table after the popular ski resorts of the country and decorate the venue to give a ski resort feel. Think something like chateau style windows and lots of interior wood, heavy rugs and more. For table centerpieces, you can think of artificial snowflakes, white roses or lilies. You can complete the theme by decking up the walls with vintage ski suits, skis and boots to leave your wedding guests awestruck. Metal tumblers or custom sunglasses will all make perfect gifts. Imprint your message and greetings to leave a personal touch.

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An all white wedding

Pretty, cost effective and easy – an all white wedding theme is also one of the most popular themes. Simple and subtle, the white themed wedding will impart a fairy tale charm to your wedding. From brides-maids in white dress to all white bridal bouquet and centerpieces and winter white posies, this wedding theme is dramatically beautiful and elegant.White wedding leave behind not just impressed guests but some incredible snapshots too. For wedding favors, you can consider a crispy white paper gift bag. Complete the theme with crisp white tablecloths, frosted white cake and soft lacy dresses for the bride and her party.

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Christmas-themed weddings

If your wedding date falls soon after or before Christmas, you can think of a Christmas themed wedding. Use red white and green color themes in your decorations, fabrics and chairs. Deck up the table centerpieces with mistletoe, a few hurricane jars filled with glow bulbs and Christmas ornaments, while the ceremony chairs can be decked up with red and white fabrics. Christmas-themed weddings are special and delightful and it will offer a memorable experience for both guests and the couple alike.

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