Eat, Drink And Be Eerie With These Custom Halloween Cocktail Party Tips And Ideas

Gather all of your ghouls and goblins for a Halloween cocktail party laced with fun and fear! A Halloween party is a great time to enjoy a few belly laughs and celebrate Halloween in true adult-style. Deck up the space in haunted house theme with Halloween ghosts and blinking horns among others, mix up some spooky cocktails and enjoy the fearsome and festive Halloween night in style.

Halloween stick & glass

Table decorations

First things first! Creating a spooky centerpiece with Halloween decorations will be the main attraction of your cocktail party. Use a black table cover to place all dining and buffet table ware. LED pillar candles and flashing big skull mug  and glow shot glasses will make sure that your party table is set. Stick with a conventional black and orange color theme to complete the look. Don’t forget to bring out those glowing swizzle sticks to make the happy hours eerie and enjoyable alike.

Wish to add more flair and gothic touch to the setting? Hand out these glow Viking helmets with horns that will make your guests look great in snapshots. A large fake spider web in the corner of the party space will add a touch of spookiness to your Halloween cocktail party.

Viking Helmets with Light Up Horns

LED cat eyes and light up skull rings are some of the many accessories that the party revelers can consider to match the theme.  Black paper streamers along the entranceway will enhance the  its paranormal and freakish theme of your party.

LED Halloween Jewelry Spooky Cat Eyes Necklaces

Set up your bar area with glow in the dark drinkware

Not just serve your cocktails in style but make heads turn with these fabulous glow in the dark party wear. Serve margarita in glow margarita glasses; serve beer in light up Pilsner glasses and so on to create a perfect mood. You can even concoct your own cocktails in garish red or green colors or come up with a signature cocktail for the party. How about listing out the party drink list on a tombstone much to the horror of the guests? It will be fun. Do not forget to stock up non-alcoholic beverages as well.

10 Oz Glow Margarita Glasses

Trick or treat!

Wish to share some Halloween wisdom while you’re dolling out candy? Get these glow in the dark pumpkin shaped bags that can be imprinted with spooky figurines, taglines or more. It will fit into a classic Halloween scene. Your brand imprinted on the bags will always be front and center even after the Halloween night frenzy dies down!

Reflective Halloween Pumpkin Tote Bags

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