February is Library Lovers’ Month- Plan Your Promotions

Reading habits are getting less popular among people in today’s fast paced technological world and events like the Library lovers month will reignite the passion for books among people.

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Library Lovers Month has come at the right time when many local reading clubs and community libraries are struggling to keep their business on.  Promotional logo gifts will not just promote this special event but also can be used as fund raising events for libraries and to spread awareness on the importance of book reading habits.

Libraries are not just a place to enjoy a tryst with the literary works but a place to relax, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to interact with like minded people who are eager to be well informed. No matter whether it is a treasure trove of information or a community meeting place, libraries have always played an important role in the cultural renaissance of societies all over the world.

So, if you are a book shop owner, a publisher or an author looking for some unique gifts to get the message out, here are a few handy tips.

Bookmarks : Wherever there are books, there are logo bookmarks. Imprint your logo and message on these budget friendly gifts that will popularize your logo and the book reading habits alike.2.25x8.5 Inch Promotional Pentagon Shape Laminated Bookmarks

Ecofriendly tote bags: Bags are one of the most popular gift items for promoting businesses including libraries. Every time your recipients carry these long lasting and ecofriendly bags, your logo will catch the attention of your recipients. Budget friendly and easy to distribute, these gifts make perfect options for literary fests and book clubs. No matter whether you hand it out as a gift with every purchase or a token of appreciation to your existing clients, the message imprinted on these will never fail to grab the attention of everyone around.Promotional V Natural Organic Grocery Tote Bags

Apparels: Your recipients will be surely prompted to visit your library every time they see these trendy logo imprinted apparel gift items in their wardrobe. Popular and always in use, logo apparels will ensure maximum portability and exposure for your logo.Custom Women's Brins Sleeveless Polo Shirts

Pens: These daily use items make the best billboards for your book stores as people use pens many times in a day and even share it among their friends and family, which means that your logo will enjoy a wide angle display. You can even make use of logo pens as fund raising items for promoting school libraries and community reading roomsCustom Printed Balmain Geometric Roller Ball Pens

ProImprint has a range of promotional gifts that can be used to promote libraries and the library lovers month will make yet another solid reason for you to shop for these logo gifts. Get started right away and should you need any suggestions or tips, call us or email us.

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