Family Reunion Gifts Under $5- Trending Now

Holidays and the season of giving are the best times to shop for family reunion gifts as well.  Today, we’ll take a look at some budget friendly gifts that are under $5.

The most thoughtful custom gifts need not be the most expensive. Commemorate your family reunion with some of these delightful gifts that will leave a lasting impression in the minds of the audience.

Tote bags

Always popular, tote bags can be easily printed with your family tagline or artwork. It will definitely  impress all members of the family right  from grandma to the fourth line cousins down there.  Above all, you don’t have to collect the sizes from the family members, because bags come in one size fits all . Choose from various models like cotton and canvas totes or non woven bags among others. Your message imprinted on it will truly make your family legacy the talk of the town! If you need help creating a design, reach out to our design team that will be happy to assist you.


Highly useful and well retained, custom pens  win hands down as family reunion gifts. Offered in a wide range of interesting models like metal pens, plastic pens, novelty pens and more, these writing instruments will keep your family reunion memories right in plain sight of the attendees. Light weight and easy to distribute, pens can even be mailed out to those who may not have made it for the event.


Drinkware items are something everyone will cherish as gifts. In addition, these family reunion gifts will keep your message in the forefront while keeping the beverages of your attendees fresh. Choose from various trendy models including insulated tumblers, color changing models or tumblers with straws- to name a few. Also add the date, venue and reunion theme on these drinkware items to make tons of happy memories.

Family Reunion Photo Frames

A family snapshot is a common tradition during most family reunions. It is indeed a great moment for the family members to come under a single frame. Beautiful personal moments need exciting photoframes as well to make it even more special. Besides, you can choose from a wide range of trending and classic models like glass, acrylic , wood or metal frames. It will surely evoke the best family reunion memories for a long time.

Ear buds

Impress the digital savvy family members with custom earbuds. Offered in various models and colors, these everyday items will certainly make your family reunion experience more enjoyable than ever before. Plus, your message imprinted on these trendy earbuds will surely grab a lot of attention of the world outside as the recipients go about their daily business

Printed Playing Cards

If you have family coming in from all over the country, a deck of card will make a gift choice. It will be  a perfect reminder of the great time they had. In addition, it will come handy to pass time on their long drive back home.

Besides, if you hold reunions annually, it will be a smart move to stock up on family reunion gifts items in advance. Explore our complete line of personalized gifts to choose an appropriate gift that will obviously make your family reunion event memorable. Happy shopping!