Factors To Consider while shopping for the Best Real Estate Closing Gifts

As in any other business line, real estate is about fostering relationships and keeping in touch with the past customers. Simple gestures like handing out closing gifts can go a long way in signing off the deal on a friendly note, no matter how stressful the buying process was.


Clients who get a closing gift are more likely to come back to your brand the next time they are looking for an agent or refer your name to their friends or families. However, picking up just another generic gift like a gift card or a chocolate packet might fail to leave a lasting impression. Instead choose closing gifts that will stick around for a longer while and serve as reminders everytime they see them.

Why Personalize?
A personalized gift is more likely to stand out in clients’ minds than an ordinary generic gift. Imprint your brand or message on these gifts to leave a personal touch. You can order in bulk and keep the engraved gifts ready so that these are in time before the closings and you will never end up without a personalized gift.

Choose practical gifts
Choose practical gifts that your clients are likely to retain for a long time. Your buyers will have a long shopping list in hand on their moving day. So, think about something that they may use but is less likely to be listed in their shopping list as the closing gift. Flashlights will make highly practical gift items for every home owner to stay well equipped against unexpected power outages or to explore the nook and corner of the attic of their new home.Custom Printed Cooking Set

A multi tool will also be a perfect gift item for homeowners who may have a few DIY tasks in their list or wish to tackle a few repair projects. Remember, a well chosen closing gift will make a business card that never gets trashed!

Add a personal touch
The closing gifts that you choose don’t have to be one-size-fits-all. After the many interactive sessions you should have a fair idea of the tastes and personality of the home owner by the time you reach the end of the buying process. For instance you can choose logo items like cutting boards or BBQ sets for gourmets who love good food. Kitchen accessories like measuring cups, spatulas and storage containers are some of the gift items that come handy for any new home owner. The best part is that these logo items that remain right in front of their eyes always will keep your brand name fresh in their minds. So, next time when they are thinking of a second home, they will know where to look for your contact details!

Does their new home have a spacious patio facing the garden? Your clients will surely love to make use of this outdoor space to wind down with their favorite drink. Personalized wine sets will be a great way to help them celebrate. How about a blanket? It will come handy during the fall evening family time as your clients will love to snuggle up with these cozy blankets.

Custom Logo Imprinted Laguiole Wine Companion

A reusable tote bag imprinted with your brand can be used as a welcome home gift bag. Make sure to fill in the practical, moving-day essentials such as paper plates, hand sanitizers, towels and cleaning products among others. This thoughtful closing gift will surely impress your clients.

Save a dime
A closing gift is not just a thoughtful gesture to express your thanks and appreciation to your customers but is also a chance to get your name in front of your clients over the long term. Imprinting your name and logo on a closing gift will also ensure a tax-deductible advertising expense, which means you can save a dime on your marketing expenses.

What if you miss the closing date?
Closing gifts can also be sent to the clients’ home a few days later if you had missed the closing date. Your clients will surely appreciate your thoughtful gesture and will value these gifts even more.

Make sure to browse our exhaustive collection of custom gifts to choose a closing gift that will surely impress your clients. Now that the holiday season is on, it is indeed a time of celebration. Check out on the latest gift items to make sure that you have the best closing gifts in town!

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