Face masks and Coverings With A Fashion Twist- Explore The Options

Masks and  face coverings have become mandatory and part of life style post pandemic. It is proven that wearing a mask lowers transmission risks in public places.  Masks are available in a wide range of models right from medical grade Respirator Face Masks to disposable masks and reusable cotton masks.


While KN95 filtering masks are  recommended best for health care personnel, there are loads of other models that are better suited for everyday use for the general public.

Disposable 3 Ply Medical Face Masks: Light weight, comfortable and disposable, disposable  masks are a convenient option for working executives, school students and people on the move.  Businesses can also consider these budget friendly masks as free handouts for anyone that enters their stores.

Breathable and Disposable 3-Layer Cloth Face Masks

Reusable  Face Masks

As face masks are likely to be a standard option for people for quite some time to come, reusable masks will make a  good choice. Ecofriendly, easy to use and fashionable, these masks will go a long way in enhancing your brand visibility and make a great addition to the employee uniforms. Cotton masks made in USA and full color dye sublimated facemasks are some of the many models to choose from.

Dye Sublimated 3-Layer Mask

Adjustable facemasks will help the users to choose the most comfortable fit with adjustable ear slots for the straps. Leaving a little space between the mask and the face minimize condensation and make wearing masks more comfortable for people wearing glasses or for those who need to wear the whole day.  Reusable masks are washable and ideal for multiple uses while your brand on it  will get a nice display.

Protective Stretchable Polyester Face Masks

 Custom Multi-Functional Wraps

Fashionable, versatile and colorful, these can be used  as various types of accessories right from hair band to neck ties or face coverings among others. These  offer a lot of choices for not just  the users but the marketers can let their creative juices flow to make it as unique as they wish!

Here are some models that can be considered


Face covers with a fancy twist anyone? Check out these gaiters that have become a rage during the pandemic. Originally used as protection against rain or snow, especially for mountaineering or ice climbing, these will keep the nose, neck and chin fully covered to keep the users safe from elements.
Multi-Functional Cooling Gaiters


Bandanas and rally towels  too can be used as impromptu face coverings during the pandemic as these can be worn to cover both  nose and mouth.

Printed Yowie® Multifunctional Rally Wear

Headbands with facemask support.

Headbands with mask support  doubles up  as cooling towel head band and a  mask support that will reduce the soreness and discomfort of the ears caused by the taut mask straps. Choose from a range of brilliant colors to match your theme.

Cooling Headband with Mask Support

Explore our curated list of mask coverings to choose the best.