Everything You Need To Know About Anti Germ Touch Tools

We might not have thought of infections spreading through droplets and common touch points like doorknobs or work desks ever before. However, the current  pandemic situation has proven that touch points are harbingers of germs that could be transmitted  when someone touches it. ‘

Whether it is at office, supermarkets or fitness centers, it can happen anytime, anywhere. This high risk factor is what led to the invention of innovative tools like antigerm  no touch tools that will help people to get on with their daily tasks without having to expose their hands to the germy surfaces.

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The Touch Tool helps people avoid using their hands to touch commonly used surfaces. It is a small and sleek tool, which can be used to press ATM keys, elevator buttons, open doors, or even carry bags. These tools will limit the contact of the users with the  surfaces in public places . Choose from various handy models like kooty keychains.

With the invention of these reusable TouchTools that can be sanitized easily, anyone can press, pull, and turn objects safely.Durable and made of high-strength ABS plastic or brass, these tools are beneficial for avoiding contact with germs.  The high utility items will  make highly useful  promotional handouts in the new normal world

Customize these with your brand and message to sneak in your brand into the hands of your audience and get consistent brand impressions at one time investment.

To Press elevator buttons

Elevators in office premises and shopping malls used by countless users including asymptomatic sick people can gather a lot of germs. Every time your clients or employees press the elevator buttons, they are likely to contract infections in the current scenario. However these no touch tools will make a smart substitute for their fingers to carry out these tasks, thereby preventing the risks of direct contact.

Freedom Key Stainless Steel No-Touch Tools

To open doors

Door handles can pose a potential threat in public places. These tools will help you evade these invisible germs and help people to stay safe.

Printed Slim Touchtool

To carry shopping bags

These sturdy touch tools can even be used to carry light weight shopping bags without having to expose the hands.

Kooty Key Anti-Germ Utility Tools

Reports show that minimizing  exposure to common touch points, is one of the proven ways to stay safe from germs.So, how do you rate the promotional potential of these no touch tools that can be used as keychains  as well.