Email Marketing Tips – Communication Made Easier During Covid- 19 Lockdown

Coronavirus pandemic has stalled the conventional campaigns and customer interactions.  But marketing activities need to go on unhindered and email marketing is one of the best ways to stay connected with your audience.


Email marketing is the best option to meet the social distancing norms in place . When direct meetings are impossible and print marketing difficult, it makes a great way to get your message across to your audience and get them engaged with your logo. Keep your customers updated about the brand communication and business promotional plans on cards even in this trying time. It will be well appreciated by your audience for sure.

Here are some reasons why   email marketing will ensure the best results even when Covid -19 lockdown creates a barrier between your business and your audience.

Email Messages are Easy to Make

Unlike customary billboards and banners that are difficult to change or edit at short notice, email messages can be changed to suit the changing times and developments. It will give a free hand for businesses to send emails to different audience niches with appropriate call to action messages and promotional tone.

Budget Friendly Communication

The mandated shutdowns have resulted in scanty promotional dollars for most businesses and one of the best ways to tighten the purse strings is email campaigns. It literally cost you next to nothing and helps you to keep up the tempo of your marketing activities without breaking your budget.

Emails Work

Emails get read more than ever as people are locked down in their homes and spend a lot of time on computers. Typically, the average email open rate ranges between 20 to 30% and the average conversion rate is 3 to 6%, depending on the industry. It is a great way to plan a targeted promotion and to get your promotional materials tossed right into the inbox of your prospects who is sure to find the information useful and worth considering.


Businesses should send emails to only those subscribers from whom they have permission. Aggressive marketing and spamming might be damaging. Make sure to send useful content that your customers will appreciate. Your COVID-19 response emails can have information like  precautions that your business is taking to ensure customer safety, updated working hours, revised policies, shipping delays that can be expected, customer help line numbers, online shopping facility  and product pick up etc. You can also include free discount coupons or free promotional gift offers for the shoppers to get them back to your stores once conditional turn normal.

Useful Information

Your business mails need not necessarily include just the business details. You can help your audience stay positive and relaxed by offering them hobby tips, brain teasers, fun contests , resource lists on food and support during quarantine, virus updates and a host of other useful info

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