Ecofriendly Custom Giveaways  for Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are  great hangout spots for most people to relax, make friends and socialize. So, handing out  ecofriendly custom giveaways will go a long way to  encourage more people to be eco-conscious in their purchases.

Happy waitress giving coffee to customers while serving them in coffee shop.
Cotton totes

For customers who buy above a set value can be handed out these trendy cotton totes printed with your brand and message. These reusable bags will indeed enjoy a long shelf life and leave behind fewer carbon footprints.  Thus your message and artwork printed on these bags will get a lot  of exposure . Custom tote bags thus will not just spread your word but your ecofriendly commitment as well.

These reusable bags will obviously make a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging. Large enough to be used as a lunch bag, your recipients will surely find these bags useful in more than one way. The unique artwork and enchanting colors will impart a unique charm to these branded totes.

Bamboo coasters

 Make sure that the coffee tables remain stain free when your recipients enjoy their cup of coffee by handing out these highly practical custom giveaways. Add your logo and message on these to make it stay in plain view of the audience. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of models to suit the preferences of your audience.

Ceramic mugs

The classic gift for the coffee lovers, custom ceramic mugs will indeed make a great way to get your message across far and wide. Choose from a wide range of colors and shapes to match your theme. These cups that exude a retro charm will surely impress your audience.

Reusable  Straw

Millions of plastic straws end up in water bodies and oceans every day. Reusable straws like  silicone or metal straws will make a great choice Easy to use and clean, these straws will offer the luxury of having a personal straw for your recipients wherever they go. Your logo and message printed on these straws will get a lot of attention.

How to incorporate these into your promotions

As customer incentives

Reward  your  customers for their support with these highly useful and ecofriendly handouts, which will encourage them to support your brand even more.

Brand promotion

Ecofriendly products are effective in promoting brand advocacy. Apart from reflecting your branding theme, it will  highlight your values  and social commitment as well.


Further, sustainable marketing works  as people in general prefer businesses that adopt responsible branding strategies  that give back to the community

How do you plan to boost your business through sustainable marketing? Join us for an interesting conversation by sharing your ideas.