Don’t Forget Personalized Wedding Favors On Your Big Day- Shop For Gifts In Every Budget!

The biggest challenge for any bride is to strike a fine balance between her dream wedding themes and the wedding budget. There are so many intricate things to consider in budgeting to make sure that your wedding guests are impressed and the event turn out to a super success. Often the couples will compromise the wedding favors due to budget constraints after dealing with all the major factors like wedding dress, ceremony, flowers and wedding invitations among others. However, we at ProImprint have stocked up wedding favors in all possible budgets; you will even find gifts that are less than $1 in our shelves so that every couple can have something special for their guests!

Don’t Forget Personalized Wedding Favors On Your Big Day

Wedding favors is a reciprocal act to thank your guests who have taken their time, money and effort to make it to your wedding day. According to an article in, there has been a steep rise in the average amount of money that the wedding guests have been spending to attend the function with the advent of destination weddings. Guests will have to budget for travel, dress and a wedding gift for the bride and groom. Wedding favors will make a perfect way to make your guests well appreciated and special.

Some brides avoid wedding favors completely because of the exorbitant cost factor or because they think that these gifts may get trashed or left behind. However surveys have shown that wedding favors will make the guests feel special and every time they see these tokens they will be reminded of the wedding day celebrations and the great time they had in the company of their friends.

How Wedding Favors Will Work For You

Choose inspiring and innovative gifts that your guests will cherish without breaking the budget. Remember to personalize your gifts with a cute message or quote to ensure a personal touch. Stay away from the tempting thought of putting your image on these gifts as it may look better on thank you cards! Now that you have made up your mind that you need wedding favors for your big day, here are a few popular trends and gift ideas

Credit Card Shaped Bottle Openers: Priced less than 1 dollar, these highly functional metal bottle openers will fit into any credit card holder in any wallet. These smart gifts that your guests can use in their daily lives will make perfect reminders of your wedding day.

Custom Printed Credit Card Shaped Bottle Openers

Clear Shot Glasses: Shot glasses will be a great way to say thank you to your guests! Everyone has their own personal stash of shot glasses they collect while traveling because they make great keepsakes. Giving them a shot glass will ensure they will keep it handy for their next party. Only costing you at $2.68 a glass this is definitely a fun no brainer.

1 Oz Promotional Logo Clear Shot Glasses

1.7 Oz Shot Glasses with Holder: Shot glasses will make a great way to say thank you to your guests and will make a great addition to the collectibles of your guests! Only costing you at $1.79 a glass this will make a great choice for sure.

Promotional 1.7 Oz Shot Glasses with Holder

Collapsible Can Insulator: Now your guests will have a smart way to relish their drink ice cold and well chilled even on a scalding summer day, thanks to these handy , collapsible can insulators that are easy to carry around and store when not in use. Choose a color that matches with your wedding theme for a dramatic appeal. This great wedding favor will only cost you $1.03 per! Bulk orders carry special discounts.; so the more you order the better will be the price advantage.

16 Oz Promotional Collapsible Can Insulator

Ceramic Mugs: Ceramic mugs are something not many people get tired of collecting! It makes a marvelous keepsake, a drinkware item, a curio or even a flower pot! Every time they enjoy their favorite beverage they will be reminded of the wedding day. 11 Oz Bounty Ceramic Mugs will make a great choice at a very low $1.44 per mug.

Promotional 11 Oz Bounty Ceramic Mugs

Working within your budget has never been so easy. Now you choose your dream wedding party favors and still stay within your budget. Our bulk orders make the ultimate money savers. So even if you are expecting a large number of guests you are rest assured that everyone will have a gift. Call us should you need any more tips.

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