2017 PPAI Statistics On The Consumer Behavioral Patterns In Promotional Product Industry

Promotional product industry is featuring thousands of promotional items in all possible genres is excitedly diverse and vast. To make sense about the dynamics of this fast growing industry, marketers need to keep a close watch on the trends and the popularity indexes to find the most popular, the most purchased and the most talked about custom gifts.2017 PPAI Statistics On The Consumer Behavioral Patterns In Promotional Product IndustryThe 2017 report on the best selling promotional product category will drop you some handy clues on the hottest trends and consumer behavioral patterns in promotional product industry.

Positive Influence : Promotional products make an important marketing swag for businesses. 7 in 10 brands consider custom gifts as an effective means to meet their marketing goals. The top 5 custom gift items to consider include apparels, bags, writing supplies, drinkware items and office accessories.

Response: Promotional products evoked mixed reactions from the audience. While 79% recipients researched more about the brand after they got a branded gift, 83% of customers became more likely to do business with the brand. Custom gifts when employed appropriately will go a long way in not just retaining the existing customers but also making new leads and generating a lot of interest for their brand.

Reach: 89% of consumers have received promotional items in the last 6 months, which shows the wide spread popularity enjoyed by custom gifts among the audience. Custom products enjoy a wide reach and make an effective branding tool to cut across age and gender barriers as well.

Recall: It is interesting to note that 9 in 10 people recalled the brand on the custom gifts that they got while 8 in 10 remembered the message and 7 in 10 recalled the call to action message. Marketers can make use of these behavioral patterns of the audience while customizing their promotional gifts. Imprint your brand, message or call to action in attractive colors and readable fonts for maximum impact. Excess of colorful artwork may divert the attention of the customers from your business message.

The statistics also show that millennials remembered social media and online promotions while the youth recalled the call to action and statements with specific instructions in a promotional campaign. While the baby boomers recall contact information and website details than other things. The marketers can customize their logo item accordingly as per the target audience they wish to connect to for maximum impact.

Objective: People retain custom gifts because these logo items are fun, functional and trending. Marketers should try to maintain an optimum mix of fun and functional items in their promotions to ensure maximum effect. Most recipients look for trending gifts like technology items, which should make an indispensible part of your promotional swag as well.

Consistent impressions: A staggering 81% of people retain promotional products for more than a year, which means your brand on these will get repeated and consistent impressions without any extra effort or investment. Every time your recipients see these logo items they will be reminded of your brand and event. Handouts like magnets, keychains, stress relievers and phone and mobile stands are some for the many custom promotional items that remain right in front of the audience.

Impact: Promotional products leave a very strong impact on the audience. Reports show that 82% of audience had a more favorable impression about the brand after getting a custom gift.

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