Discover the Best Giveaways for Real Estate Business

Real estate business sector is back with a bang. Marketers can make the best use of this promising phase of rebound by engaging the audience with their message.

Here are some custom giveaways that your recipients will love

Custom Calendars

Calendars make effective marketing tools for real estate businesses. These will ensure 365 days of brand  visibility at one time investment. Moreover, it help your clients to keep track of events and occasions. Available in various models, shapes and sizes, custom calendars will in fact highlight your services with ease. Choose from classic wall calendars to desk calendars or pocket calendars among others.

Further more, add your logo, business message and artwork on these high visibility handouts to make repeat impressions. Calendars stay in plain sight of the audience and hence make a great talking topic in the friends circle of your recipients.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The quick drying and highly absorbent custom microfiber clothes printed with your brand and message will make a handy giveaway. It will surely be useful for any new home owner to clean sensitive tech gadgets, home appliances, car wind shields and more. Needless to say, your brand and message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention and appreciation.

Cutting Board

Every kitchen requires staples such as a good cutting board. It is a high utility item used on a daily basis while displaying your brand big time. So, invest in these kitchen accessories and make your message stay in plain sight of your recipients. As people spend a lot of their time in the kitchen, these logo items provide long-lasting brand recognition.


House shaped keychains are staples in realtor promotional giveaways thanks to its easily recognized shape that complements the business niche. Add your logo and message on these keychains to make your brand part of the life style of the new home owners. It will definitely make a rolling billboard for your business as these light weight and everyday items travel wherever your recipients go!

Pens and notepads

It will make a great gift combo for new home owners who have to do a lot of budgeting  and task setting as they move to their new homes. Your logo imprinted on these writing instruments will get a lot of easy eye balls for sure. The new neighbors and friends  of the new home owners will indeed be excited to know about your services and may even reach out to you in future for enquiries.

Now that you have a fair idea on the most popular realtor themed handouts, you can get started by ordering in bulk to get the best price advantage. So ordering extra would be reasonable if you plan  a massive promotional campaign in the days ahead.