Custom Wireless Charging Pads- Let your Audience Stay Connected  with your Brand Literally

Technology and digital gadgets are taking human ability to a new high . Whether it is work, play , shopping or travel, technology has a crucial role in every realm of human life today.  These travel size gadgets that can be taken anywhere we desire has  redefined the equations of life completely. In the new normal world when employees work from their own home, garden or even a sunny beach, the relevance of tech accessories  has gone up like never before.


On a rough estimate, Americans spend an average screen time of 5.4 hours on their mobile phones daily. Whether it is game platforms, social media or shopping sites, as the users browse along, their phones need to be charged up and this is where wireless charging pads come to the bigger picture.

Custom charging pads will make a befitting custom gift for your employees or clients. Offered in various models, these handy accessories will keep the gadgets charged up while keeping your audience connected with your message.  As these gadgets are designed to occupy the high visibility spots like work desks, where these will get the undivided attention of not just the users but anyone who happens to see it

Color Squared Wireless Charging Pads

Bereft of power, phones and laptops becomes an object of little purpose. Promotional charging pads can charge multiple Qi enabled devices much to the delight of the tech savvy audience. Your clients an customers will never miss a virtual meeting or a business email just because their phones ran out of charge.

Custom Printed Nebula Wireless Charging Pad with Integrated Cable

These portable power sources will recharge your mobile phone or any other device on demand to ensure uninterrupted usage by just placing the compatible device on top of the power pad for wireless charging. Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, these charging pads have evolved to be crucial accessories for everyone to stay fully connected in this digital world. Incredibly popular and practical, these logo items make handouts of high perceived value for your clients and employees.

Get started with these trending models 

Solstice Wireless Charging Pads made of ABS plastic material will charge phones without cables and supports wireless charging at up to 0.8A for devices. Packed in a 1-piece White gift box,  these charging pads  offers incredible imprint options for you to display your brand information in great style.

Promotional Solstice Wireless Charging Pads

Wireless Charging Mouse Pads can charge  phone while doubling up as a mouse pad.  Add your logo and message to turn these logo items into high visibility display boards for your brand.

Custom Printed Wireless Charging Mouse Pads

We have a lot more. Explore our complete line of custom wireless charging pads to choose a model that matches your theme.