Custom Ceramic Mugs – Unique Handouts That Offer A Little Something Extra

The Americans’ love for tea is no secret!  As per the reports of 2019, the tea consumption in the country was over 84 billion servings of tea – more than 3.8 billion gallons. Naturally, they may need cups to fill, which is what makes  branded mugs as popular as the beverage. Enter any office in the US and you will find customized mugs of all kinds right from those branded with the local football team’s colors or office jokes to those with full color artwork  and more.


Mugs are so indispensable and are one of the most reliable promotional products to spread your brand name.  Here are some quick tips that will help you choose a perfect model for your events.

Custom Imprinted 11 Oz Bella Mugs

Why Promotional ceramic Mugs?

Simple, versatile and reliable, custom ceramic mugs make fantastic promotional products that your customers will actually use. Plus, people often develop an emotional connection with their favorite mugs, to the extent they cant settle for anything else  at the start of the day! Mugs are indeed well cherished gifts with a sentimental value and a high retention.

Custom Printed 11 Oz Color Changing Mugs

Know your target audience

Think about your target audience and their preferences and choose mugs accordingly. One of the advantages of tumblers is that its use is so universal. Mugs can be customized to adapt for different demographics and audiences for the best impact.

For employees, classic and simple mugs in your corporate colors will be a good choice. Add your logo and message to round off the gift. For new prospects, choose unique models that they are less likely to find elsewhere to keep them intrigued about your company.Iridescent Ceramic Mugs with a stunning metallic sheen will make a great pick.

Custom Printed 12 Oz Iridescent Ceramic Mugs

Align with your brand identity

Though mugs may be a staple of every office, you can still make your message stand out on these popular handouts by choosing stylish artwork, spicy taglines or fun quotes that will highlight your brand identity and  get your audience engaged with your message.

For instance, if you’re a travel company, cork base ceramic mugs that are useful while on the go will make a perfect choice. While a tech company that encourages brain storming and employee participation for new ideas can think of chalk mugs.

Custom Imprinted 14 Oz Cork Base Ceramic Mugs

Budget Friendly

Consider your budget and match it with the custom mugs that you buy. Drinkware items hold the credit of being modestly priced, which makes it well within the reach of even small businesses and start up organizations. Full- color digital imprint mugs will ensure an elegant brand presentation on a budget and make a sure fire way to impress even the most discerning customers.

Promotional 15 Oz Campfire Ceramic Mugs

Make the most of the popularity of custom mugs to get your message right into the hands of your audience.