Custom T Shirts Make Irresistible Giveaways

Everyone loves a free T shirt not just because freebies are hard to resist; but better yet, T shirts are something everyone needs. Handing out free custom giveaways is effective in making your message popular. Even when your prospects may have a lot of T shirts on hand, they will surely take your custom T shirts as it comes for free.

T shirts are one of the most popular custom giveaways for marketers. Ideal for both current and potential customers, these casual apparels will take your message far and wide. It goes without saying that almost everyone has at least one piece of promotional printed T shirt in their wardrobe. Casual and comfortable, people love to wear their favorite T shirts to the gym, while running errands or even to the beach . Every time your recipients wear these T shirts, they will become your brand advocate. Moreover people around them will surely take note of your message, which in turn will create better brand awareness for you.

Free shirts not just enhance your brand visibility but will establish a closer bond between your  company and  customers. Major events like trade shows or fairs are the perfect places to target specific demographics. Custom apparels will make a great choice for target promotions. For instance, if you are  promoting your pet stores, handing out logo T shirts at a local dog show will be the best and the cheapest way to get your prospects think about your business.

T shirts have a long shelf life

So every time your recipients wear a T shirt, they will be exposing your message to a lot of other people, which in turn will help your brand gain thousands of impressions and make more leads

Studies show that 52% of participants that were handed out a promotional item eventually did business with that company. The other 48% said that they are more likely to do business with that company because of the giveaway that they got.

Custom T shirts help in retaining clients

Humans are ruled by habit . So, it is easier for businesses to retain a current customer than converting someone to a new client. Free giveaways like custom T shirts will open lines of communication by engaging your clients with your message. In addition, it will expose your message to hundreds of people each time it’s worn. Getting your name out in the world creates brand familiarity. It will encourage more people  to give your business a try to make leads and long time customers.

T shirts are gender neutral and are popular apparels among  both men and women of all age groups. So, no matter what event you are trying to promote or the type of event, custom T shirts will meet your promotional goals.

Fun to customize

 Make the best use of the generous imprint space to highlight your brand and message. Put on your creative caps to come up with something interesting like a tagline or artwork that will evoke a sense of curiosity in the minds of the audience

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