Custom Gifts for a Scintillating Summer Promotion

Change of seasons indicate a shift in the marketing strategies and promotional gift list for most marketers. Now that the summer is on, you can choose from an array of promotional summer gifts. Flyers, towels and tote bags are some of the favorite choices that will easily increase brand exposure.

 In addition, all of these custom products get used in public, which makes it a guaranteed method of branding.  Just think of the impressions your brand will make, every time your recipients wear your custom hats or use bags on the beach or during road trips. Thus it will definitely spread awareness of the company.

Moreover, all of the promotional summer gifts are budget friendly. So, even if you plan to run a low cost campaign, it will still produce dramatic results. Add your logo, message and corporate colors in the impressive branding areas, to get all eyes on it. As it will only require simple printing, you can save on set up costs as well.

Here are some custom giveaways that will make your summer marketing a huge hit!

Sun screen

First things first. Staying safe from UV rays is indeed the top most priority for everyone especially in summer. Custom sunscreen will undoubtedly make a highly useful handout that will get your message right into the hands of the audience. Choose from various models like liquid and gel among others. Combo models that feature bug repellent or lip balm offer more utility to the users, and hence more exposure for your brand.  Also, you can put your message on the go by customizing these everyday items.

Cooling towels

Further, these high utility giveaways will keep your brand fresh on top of their minds while making your prospects feel fresh. Choose from a wide range of sizes and colors to match the needs of your audience and get a panoramic brand display. Long lasting and well retained , cooling towels will surely get your message into wider distances. As your recipients hit the gym, beach or even game days, these will make consistent impressions.

Insulated  Water bottles

Ensuring appropriate intake of water is the key to a healthy life. It is more relevant than ever before in summer season. Choose water bottles in various sizes and models that will fit the needs of your audience for a better impact. These high utility giveaways will also offer the luxury of having their favorite beverages and water as chilled as they wish  in the scalding summer season. Just think of the exposure your brand on it will get  every time they take these drinkware items to  office, game days  and more.

Looking for more? Explore our complete line of outdoor giveaways that will give your recipients a strong reason to think about your brand.