Stationery items Make Proven Gifts For Digital Generation

If you thought traditional promotional products are obsolete and dead as Dodo, you could be in for a sure surprise!  

Custom stationery items like note books are popular even in today’s new generation consumers.

 Millennials are digital natives deeply rooted in technology with a sound knowledge about the digital possibilities. So, obviously they go through a tech overdose and the best giveaways that could influence them will obviously be classic and old fashioned handouts like stationery items.

Visual aesthetics

Let’s be frank about it! Humans are visual creatures. When you are reaching out to the tech savvy audience that live in virtual world more, simple handouts like notebooks will definitely make items that grab their attention.

Choices galore

 Millennials are choosy and are often influenced by the purpose and the ecofriendly traits of the products that they use.  Custom notebooks are available in a wide range of models and price rates , which makes it easy for marketers to choose a model that will surely impress the audience easily.

Pique their interest

Further, classic giveaways like notebooks will easily ignite their interest and may even influence their buying decision. In addition, notebooks are something everyone needs to scribble down to do tasks, doodle away or even to make notes that they can refer back.

Here are some of the models that you can consider


A veritable addition to any work desk, custom notebooks will indeed make a great choice to consider. Available in various models and price rates, these stationery items are ideal as both corporate gifts and personal favors. Let’s be frank about it! custom notebooks will never fail to impress your audience.

Memo Pads

 Small yet functional, memo cards are a great addition to every home or office. Available in various colors and shapes, these are especially useful to write down ideas and instructions. Moreover, the fancy colors of the memo pads will suit perfectly the millennial’s taste.


Reports show that  journaling is the best way to beat stress. Custom journals ensure an interesting way of documenting their life happenings. Handy enough for bags, journals are easy to  carry around. So, just think of the impressions your brand will make on these everyday items.

Sticky notes

Casual and colorful, sticky notes make lives easier. These budget friendly giveaways are perfect swag bag items to impress the recipients and make your brand enjoy a grand display.Customizing promotional stationery items will help you introduce your product to the new generation, and pique easy interest in their minds.

Ecofriendly and tangible, these work desk essentials will surely intrigue the digital community. In this fast-paced world, traditional marketing strategies undoubtedly will get a lot of attention while you promote your brand. Add a unique touch to your promotions with these effective marketing tools.

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