Custom Soft Grip Pens Will Keep Your Logo on Top of Mind of the Prospects

Pens keep your logo ready to be referenced at a glance right in the hands of your audience– literally! Pens are everywhere and these basic writing tools are available in an astonishing range of models in every price rate. In this post, we have a quick grab of a few soft grip pens that are easy on the hands and easier on your wallet.


The smooth flowing, ergonomic design plus the soft grip features will ensure an exemplary writing experience for the users while your logo becomes their favorite talking topic. Soft grip pens with interesting features like a full color logo or combo functionality like a flashlight or stylus tip among others make popular choices.

Chatham Soft Touch Metal Pens: Check out these stylish metal ballpoint pens with a soft touch rubberized barrel with black accents and attractive color choices. Budget friendly and trendy, these retractable metal pens with fully customizable barrel ensures the ultimate writing and branding experience alike!

Chatham Soft Touch Metal Pens

Twist Action Ballpoint Soft Rubber Stylus Pens : These twist action, retractable ballpoint pens with a stylus tip at the other end have  stylish silver accents and a smooth rubber grip for comfortable hold. Ideal for the  paper pads and smart screen alike these stylish stylus pens can navigate both digital and analog worlds with equal ease. To define these pens in a nut shell-  nothing but sleek from top to bottom!

Twist Action Ballpoint Soft Rubber Stylus Pens

Maven Soft Touch Metal Pens : With its rubberized barrel well accentuated with chrome accent clip and tip, contemporary metallic color options and smooth design, these elegant retractable custom metal pens are easily the best in town! Great price, and pleasant writing all day. These pens that come packed in a velvet pouch will easily impress your audience during business events.

Maven Soft Touch Metal Pens

Soft Grip Metal Pens with Carabiner  A pop of vibrant color adds tons of vibrancy to these metal pens that can be attached to belt loops and bags easily with the carabiner. A stunning black grip, Silver trim and a Carabiner clip are the features of these handy pens .

Soft Grip Metal Pens with Carabiner

Soft Grip Metal Pen with Lanyard and Retractor this three-in-one wonder is the perfect addition to the work desk accessories of your clients. Your recipients will never forget to take a pen with them while attending a meeting for sure as these pens have a retractor with 24″ cord and  an attached lanyard that will make it easy for them to carry these around easily.

Soft Grip Metal Pen with Lanyard and Retractor

Soft Comfort Feel Stylus Pens Rubberized finish, soft comfort feel and simple design are the features to die for  of these stylus pens.  The smooth flowing design and a large barrel that displays your logo plus a precision stylus are the other features that will get their hands on to this pen and your message imprinted on it!

Soft Comfort Feel Stylus Pens

Can’t get enough of these soft grip pens? Explore our complete line of soft grip pens to make the writing experience of your recipients enjoyable like never before.