Celebrating 100 Years of Legacy of Band Aids- Must Read

The nondescript bandage that we all still love to call by its brand name of  band aid is celebrating 100 years of making people safe and reassured during minor accidents and when things go astray. These tiny strips do deserve a fair share of recognition and celebration. These fun facts will make a great way to get to know these first aid box staples up-close.


 Band-Aid is a trademarked brand name

Though bandages are the actual generic name of this product, most of us still refer to these personal care items as band aid, which is infact a brand name trademarked by Johnson & Johnson!

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 Band aid was invented in 1920

In 1920, Earle Dickson invented the Band-Aid for his wife, Jacqueline who was  prone to cuts and burns while cooking. His wife simply loved the band aid and Earle introduced this product to Johnson & Johnson soon after- The rest is history!

1 in every 7 American homes has band-aids

1 in every 7 American homes has band-Aids in first aid kits and medicine cabinet to be well prepared for any minor cuts and nicks that happen anytime, anywhere. It is this high utility that has made custom bandage a favorite branding tool of marketers even today.

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 Bandage ensure faster healing

An uncovered injury or cut will remain exposed to germs and dirt that could cause infection. A bandage will keep the wound well covered. Plus, band aids are available in various prints, colors and shapes these days that anyone would love to wear one!

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 The first printed Bandage featured Mickey Mouse

The first printed bandage that hit the market in 1951 featured Mickey Mouse at a time when the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs became a super hit. These bandages continue to be a classic favorite even today!

Spacecraft medical kits of Apollo 8 and Apollo 11 missions included Band-Aids  

Band-Aids even made a space sojourn when it was included in the medical kits onboard the spacecraft during the Apollo 8 and Apollo 11 missions!

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Johnson & Johnson released Diverse skin tone Band-Aids in 2020

Johnson & Johnson brought out Band-Aids in multiple skin tones other than their trademark beige so that everyone gets something perfect for their needs.

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An electric Band-Aid is a possibility

The American Chemical Society reports on healing wounds using electric stimulation could make a wearable bandage device a distinct possibility in future!

We all have been using bandages since a long time and these interesting facts are something worth learning about. Do share these trivia with your friends and spread the word about the legacy of band aid!