Custom Pens- The Best Way To Write A Promotional Success Story

Promotional gifts will spice up the marking efforts and bring in the much needed excitement into your branding campaign. Custom gifts are indeed one of the most dynamic options for businesses to drive up their brand visibility. Functional gifts like pens that people use daily in their lives will hold a very high branding value. Custom gifts will enable businesses to increase their customer base and sales volumes and to stay ahead in the competition.

Write A Promotional Success Story with Custom Pens (1)

Pens make very effective promotional items during mass promotions like tradeshows. Compact and light weight, pens are easy to distribute and store and cater to a diverse audience. Pens can be customized with your brand, message, artwork and more to give your brand the competitive edge in the market. People keep pens in their wallets, at work desks, in the car or on the kitchen tables to make those quick notes. Interestingly pens change hands more often than most custom items. People for some reason walk off with a pen they used or just borrowed from someone behind their line often without realizing and your brand and message on these pens will spread into a wider audience than you might ever have thought.

Just about everyone uses pens every day. So, imagine the exposure that your brand will get on these daily use items. A trendy pen will make heads turn towards your brand and makes a great banter topic. PPAI reports show that 73% of people always carry a writing instrument with them, which further highlights the importance of these custom items. Pens are not just functional writing instruments but make a trendy décor on work desks and a style statement for the users as well. So, if you are looking for a budget friendly custom gift that will ensure consistent impressions, look no further than custom pens.

Interestingly pens have come a long way since its nondescript origin and have evolved to be interesting models like stylus pens, multifunctional pens and a lot more. Pens are easy to customize with your brand and message and every time your recipients use these logo items, they will engage with a friendly conversation with your brand. Offered in a range of colors and models, pens offer a plethora of promotional opportunities as well.

Here are some of the models that can be considered.

Zebra Glide Deep Translucent Twist Pens: Visually appealing, these smooth writing pens will grab easy attention even in big events like tradeshows. Put your brand on and get the recipients talk about your brand.

Pens with LED lights: Not just write but light up as well! These pens will come handy in finding lost items between edges of chair or table and will generate quick interest among the users. These retractable pens are offered in a range of bold colors.

Coral Sands Brass Twist Action Pens: Sleek and attractive, these pens double up as a work-desk décor for sure and your brand on it will get a lot of attention. The one color standard wrap imprint option will give your brand a lot of attention.

Geometric Shaped Ballpoint Pens: The brilliantly colored barrels of these pens will make a great backdrop for your brand and message. Great for tradeshows and mailer campaigns, these pens will never fail to talk about your brand.

Metallic Diego Stylus Pen with Phone Holder: These multi use pens that can be used as a stylus and a phone holder will make a great value for money promo gift. Your recipients will have yet another reason to use pens in their daily lives.

Square Shape Note Holder Pens: A pen that doubles up as a business card or note holder! These custom handouts will grab a lot of attention and your brand on it will win hands down!

Share your experiences of custom pens as your promotional items in the comments below and join the conversation.

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