A Few Reasons why Custom Pens make effective Business Promotional tools

Pens are one of the most popular promotional items simply because everyone needs them in their daily activities. Be it to make a quick note, draw or doodle away promotional pens will make a highly effective custom gift that will put your brand right in the fists of your recipients. Budget friendly, easy to distribute and attractive, pens are well suited for all types of business promotional including mass events like tradeshows and mailer campaigns.

The best part is that pens are regularly used items, which means people will have a lot of opportunities to take note of your brand.

Ensured return on your investment

Pens have one of the lowest costs per impressions because they will continue to make impression for a very long time from the day you hand out these logo items without any repeat investment or effort. Custom pens provide you with a greater return than many other advertising options. Pens not just travel with your recipients but get shared among their friends and take your message far and wide.

Word of mouth publicity

The oldest and the most effective advertising of word of mouth publicity work well for custom pens because a trendy pen makes an excellent talking topic for people. Pens get shared, passed around or even stolen and your brand will get the attention of a wider audience beyond your targeted clients.

A daily reminder

Most people start their day at work by taking out their pens from pockets or bags. Let’s be frank about it. A product that is used daily becomes a constant reminder for your brand and a subtle way to share your message.

Popular among every genre of customers

Pens are popular among all age groups and genders as they are used by everyone right from students to home makers and executives. Pens even make interesting collectibles as they are offered in a range of interesting styles and colors, which grab easy attention of anyone who sees it.

Pens make an extension of corporate identity

Pens are one of the most popular corporate gifts because a classic pen used by employees will double up as an extension of your corporate identity. Whenever your employees use a superior quality branded pen in business events and tradeshows your brand will get noticed in the high profile business circles.

Here are some of the best selling pens that you can consider

Vercelli Bettoni Rollerball Pens: Offered in Bronze, Blue and Red colors, these pens feature glossy metallic barrel and a striking Black cap that stands out. These born crowd pleasers will create unique brand impressions.

Custom Printed Vercelli Bettoni Rollerball Pens

Bettoni Ballpoint Pens: Offered in Teal and Black color choices, these brass metal pens have a high gloss finish and twist-action ballpoint mechanism. The chrome clip & trims will give these pens a great profile. Put your brand on and see how these branded items will get your message across.

Custom Bettoni Ballpoint Pens

Monte Carlo Ballpoint Pens: These custom metal pens with colored brass cap and beautiful gold trims will make a perfect corporate gift this holiday season. Your brand on these superb masterpieces will get a lot of attention for sure.

Custom Printed Monte Carlo Ballpoint Pens

Granite Rollerball Pens: The heavyweight brass construction, Satin Gunmetal cap and etched brass barrel are the unique features of these pens. It will look good on the work desks of your employees and your brand on it will get all the attention that it deserves.

Customized Granite Rollerball Pens

Have you used custom pens as your promotional items? If yes, share your thoughts with us at the comments section.