Custom Paperweights – Make Your Business Logo Part Of Your Customer’s Work Desk Accessories

It might sound paradoxical that custom paperweights continue to be one the most popular promotional gifts even when the world is shifting towards a paperless working environment! Everyone loves to get these delightful gifts for their work desks and even for their homes. From keeping their important documents safe and easily accessible to keeping the dailies and newspapers well organized, paper weights are highly treasured for their functional features. People love paperweights as keepsakes too and the glass and crystal models and antique paper weights have always been popular as collectibles.

customized jaffa diamond paperweights

Custom paperweights are popular promotional gifts as well. Hand these out during tradeshows or store openings to promote corporate brands, realtor agents, schools, insurance companies or in fact any business that wish to keep their logo right in front of their customers. Not many promotional gifts do that! Paper weights also make perfect teacher gifts, commemorative items for milestone celebrations or school leaving gifts for students as rewards for their academic brilliance. No matter how you wish to use these delightful promotional gifts, the fact is that these will never fail to create an impression.

Logo imprinted paper weights also make brilliant employee gifts to convey your appreciation for their hard work and success. With a high functional value and exceptional beauty, these delicate masterpieces are rarely thrown away. Imprint your logo, business message and your artwork on these to ensure the maximum eyeballs and see how the repeated impressions will make your logo their favorite in no time.

custom printed jaffa oval acrylic paperweights

Promotional gifts like paperweights are liked by everyone. From the boardroom to the family study and schools, everyone will use these business corporate gifts to keep their tables well organized. So, if you are looking for a promotional gift to promote your school or institution in a budget friendly manner, choose these delicate promotional products, emblazon it with your logo and hand out to the potential customers and see how your logo gets registered in their minds in no time.

Everyone has a work desk or work space where they have to organize important documents to be easily accessible. A paperweight is one such little item that can keep their work desks tidy. The curious part is that people seldom purchase these for themselves, so a paper weight promo gift will be very well received by all types of customers for sure.

ProImprint offers promotional paperweights in a range of shapes and sizes. From the popular options of round, oval and square to quirky models and patterns there is something for everyone here. Dude it up notepads or pens and distribute these combo gifts in presentation gift boxes for enhanced appeal. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our collection and choose paperweights that match your theme to see how these unassuming promotional gifts can spring up a surprise!