Clean Branding At Easy Rates with Custom Laundry Bags

Laundry bags are a staple in every home, hostels and dormitories. It is a convenient way to keep dirty clothes for the recipients while your brand on these bags will get a great display.

These custom giveaways offer great opportunities to stand out in the market because everyone needs laundry bags for a well-organized life style. Do you see your brand being advertised in a custom laundry hamper?


It is Collapsible

Laundry bag can be folded to stove away when not in use and is easy to store or carry. So your recipients will even find it useful during holidays, camping and road trips.

Choices galore

Custom laundry bags are also available in various colors and materials to offer something special for everyone.  It will really appeal to customers of different age and gender groups.

Easy to customize

Add your logo or  taglines and showcase your brand mascot to enhance brand exposure. Just because laundry bags are used to store dirty clothes, these need not have to look boring. These vibrant bags are easy on the eyes and will make the living space look a little brighter and livelier. So,  put on your creative caps to customize it with cute artwork, quotes or jokes to turn it into a popular promotional gift that everyone will like.

Ideal for the family

Laundry bags are ideal  to engage the family audience. It will even  make it easy for kids to put their dirty clothes away and keep their room clean. Thus, these everyday items will indeed make your brand part of the life style of the audience.

How Do You Advertise with Custom Laundry Bags?

Make your customers feel special by handing out custom laundry bags that make lives easier and will promote your brand. Interestingly, though these are inevitable in every home, not many people think of buying it for themselves often. So, handing out a laundry bag for free is the best way to show that you care. In addition your message will surely get ample attention from everyone who happens to see it. A happy customer might also recommend you to your friends, thereby increasing sales in the long run.

Best ways to use it

Custom laundry bags can be used to promote brands, as contest giveaways or even  in sports themed promotions. Even real estate agents can handout custom laundry bags to new home owners. It will be indeed a useful item for their new home.

If you wish to use custom laundry bags as promotional giveaways, feel free to get in touch with us or explore our complete line of custom laundry bags. Our in-house designers will help you come up with excellent customization tips that will suit your company and marketing budget.

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