Why Promotional Bags Are Great for Your Business

Promotional products pique interest about your business and get people talk and think about your brand. The limitless number of custom giveaways on the market, may make it challenging to choose the most popular gifts, which will also fit your budget.

This is where popular and classic gifts like promotional bags score a perfect 10 . Versatile and loved by all, custom bags are also available in a wide range of price rates. Offered in the most trending styles,  bags are easy to customize as well. So, whether your clients are frequent shoppers or fitness enthusiasts, you will find a perfect bag that will suit all their needs.

Finding it overwhelming to find a custom bag that will impress your audience?  Get started with these crowd pleasers.

Tote Bags

Stylish, reusable and colorful, totes win hands down as a popular custom bag. Budget friendly and easy to customize, totes will fit into any marketing plan. Add your design and logo to make it a rolling billboard for your brand. Choose from a wide range of models including ecofriendly models like cotton, jute and non woven totes among others.  You can invest in various models like clear tote bags, grocery totes and even fashion totes- to list a few.

Tote bags are indeed taking the world by storm for its incredible versatility. Everyone loves it as it is both super convenient and fashionable. Ideal to carry for work or weekend trips, these sleek bags are all set to be the crowd favorite. The global tote bags registered a growth of 4.87% in 2021 and are likely to continue this winning trail in the years ahead as well.

Cooler Bags

Help your clients to plan their next picnic perfectly by choosing custom cooler bags as your giveaways. Available in various sizes, custom cooler bags have a generous imprint space for your message and logo.

Duffle Bags

Ideal for weekend trips and fitness centers, duffel bags ensure ample space in a sleek design. Offered in a wide range of material choices, duffel bags have a large main compartment that can hold the daily essentials with ease . Add your brand on these classic bags and see heads turn!

Business bags

These well styled, elegant bags will  impress even your discerning clients with a fine taste. Choose from various models including zippered portfolio bags, clear business bags and business briefcases. They will make lasting positive impressions on your clientele; and put your brand at the forefront of their minds for all the right reasons.

 Why Your Business Needs Custom Bags 

Promotional bags will suit every genre of people, but that’s not the only reason they’re great for your business.  Here are some winning traits of custom bags as marketing tools.

They’re Popular

Logo bags have been enjoying increased popularity in recent years, and for good reason.  According to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), custom reusable bags generate the highest impressions in the United States than any other promotional item. Each custom bag generates a whopping 5700+ impressions during its shelf life, which ensures a great return on your marketing dollars. In addition, bags appease every genre of audience irrespective of their age group or demographics. So, businesses of all types have been investing more in these much-loved products.

By putting your logo and name on bags, you can offer people something that is visually appealing and will make their lives easier, while being your brand reminder.

Bags are Useful

Reports show that consumers prefer functional items that they can actually use. Though novelty promotional products make a tempting choice for marketers it is less likely that those products will be used regularly or retained for very long. So offer handouts that your prospects may truly want. 89% of people are more likely to keep promotional products if they’re genuinely useful. This is what makes bags a great gift idea that can be integrated into their every day.

Bags are ecofriendly

Reusable promotional bags make a great replacement for single use plastic bags that end up in land fills after each use. 2021 reports show that more than five trillion pieces of plastic are littering the oceans and putting the wildlife into danger.

Reusable bags will highlight your ecofriendly credentials while inspiring your audience to be responsible. By putting your logo to ecofriendly handouts like bags, you can convey your brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility. More consumers especially the millennials are likely to shop with you if you adopt sustainable policies and marketing strategies.

Bags are visually appealing

Apart from being useful and ecofriendly, bags are eye catching as well. Offered in bright and bold colors, custom bags will grab the attention of people around every time your recipients carry it. A well designed bag will even make a great talking topic in the friends and social groups  of your audience. Bringing together fashion and functionality, custom bags will  get the undivided attention of everyone  while your brand gets the much desired brand exposure.

Custom bags can effectively spread the word about your business as these are used for a long time, which in turn will expose your brand to a large number of people. Apart from highlighting the popularity that your brand enjoys, custom totes make fresh leads and consistent impressions.

Bags make Tangible reminders of your brand

With your promotional bags hanging in front of the customers, your brand will become  part of your recipient’s  daily life. As long as you choose highly practical custom giveaways , your recipients will take these out and share your message with the world.

The more useful your promotional products are, the more likely it is that your clients will keep them. Your recipients will thus keep their favorite promotional products for a long time.

Your business will stay on top of the minds of the audience with promotional bags  considering the environmental and practical benefits that bags offer. So, if you are looking for a great handout for a successful marketing strategy, look no further than custom bags.

Bags can be used in countless ways

The big plus of logo bags  is that they can be used as promotional giveaways, contest prizes,  fund raising items and more. Best of all,  bags can also be customized as goodie bags filled with  free gifts during business events and trade shows.  It is ideal during trade shows or conferences when your business is the host or the sponsor.

These attractive goodie bags will leave a strong first impression that lasts long after an event is over. Your customers will find this gift bag truly delightful firstly because they have a long lasting bags for  their everyday use . Secondly, the bag comes filled with highly useful giveaways that will further engage the audience with your brand on a higher plane.

No matter how you wish to include custom bags in your branding strategy, your customers will absolutely love these. Are you ready to tap the awesome promotional power of custom bags?  Reach out tour team for tips and assistance.