Custom Giveaways To Celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week falls every year from  September 11th to 17th, when America’s trucking industry honor all professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment. Truck driver’s  jobs are easily one of the most demanding and important jobs in any economy.

Further, truck drivers truly deserve a word of praise considering the service they do to the community in getting essential items from various countries and delivering it to us. They play an important role in the supply chain system; and will get things delivered across into a wide network of outlets to make it available to the common man. The endurance and dedication of truck drivers are something to be appreciated . 

During this Truck Drive Appreciation Week 2022,   businesses can show their gratitude to these hard-working transporters with some appropriate custom giveaways.

All Purpose Workers Gloves

Heavy-duty work gloves will indeed make a thoughtful gift for truckers as it comes handy during loading and unloading heavy products. Versatile  and ideal for all types of weather conditions, these heavy-duty worker gloves will make the truckers comfortable and safe.

Reflective vests

Keep the truck drivers safe and visible for the motorists at night on the roads. It will also help them to get easy assistance. Choose from various models, customize it with your brand and  you are all set to get your message on the go! It will also show how much you care for the welfare of the truckers.

Multi Tools

Tool kits, that includes all the basic tools, like screw driver and glass cutting tools will make veritable items in any trucker’s life. as it will make them well prepared for any emergency on the road. Safety kits not only makes a driver’s daily operations easier but will come handy in difficult situations.

First aid box

Help the truckers to be prepared for emergencies like minor  cuts and nicks by handing out custom first aid kits. It will include basic  first items like band aids, antiseptic creams and more that they may need.


Hydration is indeed an important factor to a healthy day–especially when driving.  These double wall insulated tumblers will keep the beverages hot or hold as desired. It will thus make a great addition to the cup holders of the trucks. Drivers will obviously find it useful for their hot cup of morning coffee or a cold soda refill in the mid day. Needless to say, your brand on these stylish drinkware items will remain in plain sight of the audience.

Duffle bags

Truckers need a hard wearing yet trendy bags to stay organized during their long  trips . Custom duffel bags will keep their belongings safe even during the bumpy rides. It will be something that any trucker will surely appreciate. Choose from various models and colors. Functional and fashionable, these bags will make a great handout for the busy truckers in getting their everyday items at easy access.


Being exposed to the UV rays can leave a bad impact on the skin. Custom sunscreen will make  thoughtful giveaways to show that you care for the well being of your recipients while getting your brand on to their hands. Hence, truckers will surely appreciate this thoughtful gesture for sure. 

Need more ideas? reach out to our team for inspiration.