Custom Giveaways to Celebrate National Happy Hour Day 

National Happy Hour Day is a perfect moment to pop the bottles open and plunge into the festivities the day will bring!

Celebrated every year  on November 12th, National happy hour day is indeed the best time to see the lighter side of life,  let go the worries and be happy. Though happy hour is associated with discounted drink specials in the bar industry, this particular day is obviously much more than that!

Besides, every bar  and every patron waits for this day to enhance their cocktail experience and even get their favorite drinks at a lesser price.  Further, National Happy Hour Day celebrates the bliss it brings to its patrons in its purest form. Bars and restaurants can come up with special deals, combo offers and signature drinks to drive footfalls on this day. They can even offer music and special food items to spice up the day.

How to celebrate

In addition, bar owners can think of interesting activities and fun events to celebrate the day. Apart from offering drinks at discounted prices and announcing bigger pitches of beer, consider interesting activities like quiz programs and recipe contests as well.

Food and grubs

Happy hour isn’t just about drinking. Many bars also offer discounts on food to make the happy hours a sweet deal.

Bar games

Bar games like darts will indeed be a great choice to engage the regular customers and create a sense of unity among them. A pub crawl is another exciting activity to engage your patrons with the finest cocktails in town.

Custom giveaways

Wine themed giveaways are indeed the best way to send home your patrons. It will diffidently serve as a reminder of National happy hour day.

Here are some of the handouts that you can definitely consider.

Wine glasses: From the classic glass wine glasses to the trendy stainless steel wine glasses, you will also find a lot of options in this category. Add your logo on these to make it unique and one of its type.

Wine totes: Can there be a stylish way to carry their favorite beverage bottles than these elegant wine totes? Choose from a wide range of models including leather and paper bags to match the tastes of your audience. Your message on these will even get a lot of eyes.

Wine sets: Surely, you need something elegant like wine sets to easily impress the wine connoisseurs. Choose from a wide range of models to match your theme.

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