Custom Giveaways for Virtual Holiday Events and Parties

As most employees are still working remote, businesses rely on virtual holiday events even today. With a lot of events like St. Patrick’s Day and employee appreciation day lined up for the days ahead, it is indeed the best time for businesses to think of virtual holiday party giveaways to impress the audience. Even if the annual gathering is not in person, these holiday parties will make the team members feel special and enhance the bonding among the members

Raise a toast

Let your employees raise a toast during the virtual happy hours. Choose from a wide range of custom giveaways like custom popcorn, wine chillers and wine glasses to  make sure your employees have everything they need to rock the party. Encourage the employees to share their favorite holiday recipes with others or share their best kept cocktail mixing tips.

A virtual photo booth

Drive up the fun of the happy hour by setting up a virtual photo booth. It will be a great addition to any party paraphernalia as these photos from  virtual events will get shared across the social media even beyond your company. Thus your brand will get more exposure that you thought. Stock up on selfie ring lights and string lights  to make the spot photo-ready. Accessories like bandanas and hats are simply great for group Zoom photos and to celebrate the holiday fun.

Fun contests

No party can be complete without fun contests. Think of something interesting like puzzles. Announce custom gifts for the winners that will let them flaunt your message for a long time to come. Choose holiday themed online games for the best effect.

Now for some holiday themed giveaways

Wine bottle bags

Having the best wine will only make half your party planning. You should have a great looking wine bag to enhance the gift experience. Choose from a wide range of models, color and price rates to match your theme.  


The biggest holidays extend over the winter season. So warm accessories  like scarves will make a great choice. Available in various colors and patterns, scarves enjoy high retention as well. So, your message will remain in plain view of the audience even after the holidays.  

Tote bags

Functional and fashionable, tote bags enjoy an incredible fanbase across all age groups. Available in a palette of brilliant colors and material choices, tote bags make practical gifts that nobody can resist. Add your logo, message and artwork to make it unique for your virtual holiday event.


Food and candy gifts will make excellent custom giveaways for holiday events. Choose from a wide range of giveaways including chocolate, cookies, candies and popcorn among others. Customize it with your brand and artwork to make it unique and one of its type.

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