Custom Can Coolers – Giveaways That will Effectively Cool Off The competition

As summer fun spills over to beach fronts, picnic spots, camping grounds and hiking trails, marketers turn their gaze towards handouts that are cool- literally! Custom can coolers are a perfect choice to consider on a budget as these are designed to keep the ice cold beverages fresh, and well chilled while putting your brand on a parade for everyone around. Beverages lose the cold flavor on a warm day easily. Save it from being warm and boring with these can coolers that wrap around the bottles to keep the drinks fresh and the party fun alive for a long time.

Can Coolers Add Fizz To Any Outdoor Party

Can coolers are available in every color choice so your recipients can even match it with their apparels. Ideal for outdoor events, on the go or even at home, can coolers make a subtle way to get  your brand stay in the hands of your customers.

Full Color Neoprene Collapsible Coolies

How  Can Coolers work?

Can coolers work both ways by preventing hands from warming up the beverages and keeping the hands dry without getting soggy when the beverages start to perspire. Keep the drinks well chilled and  in its natural taste while ensuring comfortable handling till the last sip with these custom products

Custom Printed 12 Oz Bottle Buddy Zippered Can Coolers

Designed to keep the beverages insulated and at their ideal temperature for a long time, can coolers make a handy option for every fun event right from tail gate parties to BBQ fun and beach holidays. Your brand and message imprinted on it will remain in plain sight of the audience with every sip. Reusable and portable, can coolers enjoy a high retention as well. Plus, bulk order will get the best deals for businesses like bars, restaurants, beverage companies and events like brewery tours.

Offered in a wide range of models, colors and sizes, can coolers will fit most standard sized beverage cans and bottles. Whether you are a game for solid colors, printed models or camouflage designs, you have something special for every event.

Promotional Camouflage Can Cooler Holders

Choose from a wide range of handy models to suit your needs. Collapsible can coolers are designed to fold flat, which makes it  easy to pack and carry across party venues. These polyester can coolers with foam insulation are available in a bevy of popular color choices. Add your logo, party anthem or artwork to draw a few eyeballs.

Collapsible Can Insulator - 8 Colors

Can coolers with Comfort Grip Cup Sleeves are popular in party circuits. Made up of laminated open cell foam, these are designed to fold flat for easy storage in pockets or  wallets , these can coolers keep the drinks chilled and hands dry from condensation droplets on the bottle. We have a lot more.

Logo Imprinted Comfort Grip Cup Sleeves

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