Custom Bottle Openers – Everyone Loves Good Wine

There is nothing like a chilled drink to relax and wind down after a hard day’s work! Be it a pool party, picnic or holidays, everyone loves good wine to make their special moments extra special. This is what makes promotional gifts like custom bottle openers really popular in getting your message out. Now that the spring and summer holidays are at its fine glory, most people are out enjoying the warmth and the lush green scenery of nature.

Custom Bottle Openers

Bottle openers have changed a lot over the last many decades and you can choose a model that appeals to your target audience. So, if you have been picking up bottle openers without paying much attention about their features, it will be a great time to take a closer look at the countless models to choose from.

Wine is a classic drink among people all over the world. Though the basic function of bottle openers is to uncork the bottle, today we have so many innovative models like automatic and manual models in a range of interesting shapes, colors and textures. Apart from just a functional gadget to pop the top of bottles, wine openers make great table ware items and party accessories as well. Not having a proper wine opener can spoil the fun of even the best planned party and your customers will surely love this logo item that will come handy in their daily lives.

Though the hand-operated models do not come in many varieties, it is still widely used for its old world charm and simplicity. Electronic bottle openers are functional and easy to use. These rechargeable models are handy and sleek and will look great on the bar counter or at the kitchen shelf alike.

There are other types of bottle openers, many of which are multi-functional.

Check out this 7-In-1 Party Buddy that not just have a twist cap bottle opener but spatula for serving, sharp cutter to cut cakes, cheeses or pies and serrated edge cuts bread or meat, metal bottle opener, jar seal opener and soda can tab opener.

Credit Card Size Bottle Openers : These bottle openers can easily slip into purses, wallets, bags and pockets. Personalize these with your logo and message to make it a perfect gift for ballgames, summer weddings, tradeshow, concerts or any party.

Personalized Credit Card Size Bottle Openers

Campbell 3 In 1 Key Chains: A bottle opener with a keychain is a deadly combination to woo the party revelers. Every time they carry the keys, they will have a bottle opener with them too.

Custom Printed Campbell 3 In 1 Key Chains

Executive Metal Corkscrew: This standing wing style manual wine opener has a bottle opener fitted in the top handle. This metal corkscrew makes an impressive tradeshow giveaway or it can be included as a complement with wine supplies.

Custom Printed Executive Metal Corkscrew

There are a lot more models to consider! Everyone needs bottle openers in just about any household and even if you do not drink wine often. These will make excellent kitchen accessories and come handy whenever you are in a mood to throw a cocktail party. So, browse along and find a model that matches your needs at the best possible prices.

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