Custom Beanies – Just in time for Winter Olympics

2022 Winter Olympics Games slated from February 4th to 20th is a milestone event for any winter sports fan.

As the best athletes in the world compete for those coveted medals, Winter Olympics has indeed evolved to be a popular sports  spectacle with a large following.

Moreover, this year’s  Winter Olympics promise a heavy dose of excitement as more sports are being considered into the games. Dating back to 3,000 years, Olympics continue to celebrate its legacy as a classic sporting event that promotes camaraderie and sportsman spirit among people around the world. The fact that 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics garnered a total of $79 million in licensing revenue alone is enough to underscore the popularity of this event and its crowd pulling effects over sports loving audience.

 Thus, marketers planning a sports themed campaign can consider custom beanies to reach out to the loyal fans and patriots. While it allows the recipients to support their team, your message and tagline on it will get a massive display not just during the event but for a long time even after the games. In addition, these custom giveaways make an emotional connection with the audience while businesses get a golden opportunity to increase revenue.

Why Custom beanies

Custom beanies are budget friendly, versatile and comes in one size that fits all. Customize  it with your logo, national flag colors  or something more  and watch your brand popularity hitting the skies.

Here are some trending beanies that will surely leave your Olympic fans truly excited.

Cuffed Knit Beanies

Knit beanies are stylish, comfortable and colorful . For this reason, it will easily complement any dressing style and will make your recipients stand out in the stands .

Double layer fleece beanies

Made of 100% polyester fleece, these comfortable fleece beanies are easily stretchable and fit most people. The two layers of fleece offer plenty of warmth to head during winters. Fully customizable and comes in 3 colors, these beanies are again what your customers are looking for. Ideal for both the sports stands and the streets, these beanies are especially ideal for athletic fans  who spend long periods in the cold.

Two-Tone Knit Pom Beanie with Cuff

Boost  your outdoor brand visibility this winter with these delightful beanies made of 100% Acrylic. These comfortable beanies will melt the hearts of everyone with its cute pom design. It will keep the hardcore sports fans warm in the stands and make a great team spirit swag as well .

Patch Knit Beanies with Cuff

 Featuring 100% Acrylic design, these beanies are One Size Fits All . Your message screen printed on the patch will gain easy attention even in the crowded sports stands. Therefore custom beanies make great team spirit items and fan memorabilia. Further more, you can impress the super charged fans that every team needs with these trendy beanies and make the rival teams go  green with envy!

 Looking for more? Explore our exclusive section of custom beanies to choose a model that will suit your needs.