Business Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most lavish  holidays for Americans. For this same reason, it doubles up as a busy time for retailers as well to push their sales figures to a new high.

Valentine’s Day promotions are essential to not only build customer relationships, but enhance the appeal of your brand like never before. Valentine’s Day is indeed a great time for all businesses to plan a great promotional strategy. However, it is a bit more special for some specific business niches like those listed below. 


Reports show that on average, restaurant sales increase by 65% across the country on Valentine’s Day. This fact clearly proves why you should plan Valentine’s Day promotions! Choose custom giveaways from a wide range of models that are great for both  customers and employees!

Create the best wine and dine experience for the patrons by offering discount offers. Combo deals, extended happy hours and lucky draw prizes for couples will also enhance the footfalls. Some of the custom giveaways you can consider include bottle openers, wine bags, wine glasses, wine stoppers and so much more  that will perfectly complement the theme of your promotions.

Moreover, you can enhance the fun of your custom gifts by pairing wine gifts with chocolate. It is indeed a proven way to beat stress and enhance pleasure. Combining wine and chocolate will ensure the best of both the worlds for the audience.

Offer special rates for Social events, date nights, small group gathering and romantic getaways. After all, Valentine’s is about love and togetherness, right?


The floral industry records its best sales in spring especially during Valentine’s day. The floral industry in the country is a billion-dollar market that is growing at an astonishing pace. Here are some interesting business ideas for florists during Valentine’s Day. Handout small freebies and token gifts like chocolates, plush animals, heart shaped Keychains or something similar .Further more, customize it with your logo and Valentines’ day message and get the undivided attention of your audience. browse our collection to choose gifts that never get old. It will definitely add to their special Valentine experience!

Salons and Boutiques

As clothing  and accessories records  impressive  sales on Valentine’s Day  customarily, it makes a perfect gift to include in your promotional strategies. From beanies to T shirts and bandanas you can choose from a range of gifts.

Some of the other custom giveaways that can be considered include heart shaped hot and cold packs that will keep them relaxed and in perfect nick. Besides, this gift with every purchase will put your name on top of their minds!

As scented candles will surely set the mood with soft glow and sensual aromas, there can’t be a better gift choice for your list.Heart shaped balloons are a delightful way to get your message into the hands of your clients. In addition, they serve as a great  décor in any Valentine’s Day party while your message gets easy attention of everyone around.

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