Creative Ideas For Making Employee Milestone Celebrations Special

Make your employees feel appreciated and special by celebrating employee milestones like achieving a new degree, promotion, work anniversary or anything that deserves a celebration. No matter whether your employee is working remote, from office or from another part of the world, celebrations should be unique and well planned.


 Give thanks

Hand written thank you notes are the simplest and often the most special thank you gifts that everyone likes. Motivate, encourage and congratulate your employees on their remarkable achievement.

Make them team pride

Welcoming a new teammate is a reason for celebration. Make them feel part of the team and at ease at the new organization by handing out new hire kits with necessary handouts like stylus pens, notepads, custom powerbanks other work desk accessories that they may need.

Power Bank with Speaker and Stand

Customized T shirt is another handout that will make them feel part of the team whether they are at home or office.

Port and Company Essential White T-Shirts

 Celebrate every anniversary

85% of employees say recognition programs play a great part in keeping them motivated to be in the service of the company. Businesses can set up an anniversary gift calendar to show appreciation of employee milestones.  Reports show that employees choose to leave their job around the anniversary. So celebrating anniversaries will make a smart way to ensure retention and make them feel happy.

Here are some custom gift ideas that will leave your employees happy.

Gift cards: A custom gift card to a popular coffee shop or store is a personal way to show how much you care for the happiness of your team. Though it might seem a simple gesture, it makes a great way to make the team happy.

Online recognition: A shout-out for years of service can be posted in social media to show your appreciation for your employees and spread the word among the fans and followers. It will also make a great way to show your employee friendly credentials, which will be easily noticed by the job aspirants easily.

A picture frame: A picture of the entire team will make a great gift for your employees and to show that the team members are highly valued. Custom picture frames will make a great handout to make your remote teams feel well connected and happy.

5 x 7 Inch Personalized Vertical Filmstrip Frames

Career prospects: Make your employees aware of the job prospects and the growth opportunities in the company as they go forward. It will help them to plan their career graph and their future in the organization.

A day off: Giving employees a paid leave will enable them to celebrate their milestone and to have fun in the company of their friends or family.

Show how much the employees are valued with these gift ideas. A happy team is the biggest asset for any organization.  Go that extra mile to make it happen!