Why New Hire Kits Are Important And How To Set It Up

Welcoming new members to your team is an ongoing process that is related to the growth and expansion of your business. It is a great moment to celebrate and cherish the new hires and make them feel special and at home.  Effective onboarding is known to enhance employee  retention and engagement and will create a positive image in the minds of the employees fairly early.


Make your first impression the best for the new recruits  with these interesting new hire kits. It is a reflection of the company culture and identity, which can leave a huge impact in the minds of the new team. A well thought-out onboarding kit is a great opportunity to communicate to a new team member that they are valued.

What should it include?

Though there are no hard and fast rules on the items that should go into the onboarding kit, here are some of the basic items that can be considered.

 Business Card magnets: When joining a new company, your sales team should  be able to get on with their marketing activities effectively from day 1. Business card magnets make a must have while meeting a client or attending a tradeshow. It gives them immense team pride and makes them feel part of the whole organization. Make it elegant and classic to go well with your brand image.

Business Card Magnets 35 Mil Outdoor Safe Square Corner

Backpacks:  Your employee will find these customized bags convenient to carry all their office documents, laptops and other essentials. Choose from a wide range of models and sizes. You can even pick up a model that matches your corporate color to create an overwhelming effect.

Printed Vortex Computer Sling Bags

Pens: Everyone needs it to write, doodle and scribble. An elegant pen that bears your brand and message will easily grab the attention of your clients and customers as well. Choose from a wide range of models right from branded metal pens to light up pens and more. Stylus pens that can gravitate between the analogue and digital world with ease and plastic pens with a casual vibe and feel about it are perfect choices.

Printed Micello Bettoni 3-in-1 Pens

Apparels: T shirts make a great corporate swag and a great addition to the new hire kit. Whether they use it as Friday casuals, during corporate golf weekend or tradeshow uniform, your brand will get a lot of impressions. Apparels will create an incredible team spirit as well during business events where you wish to make your team standout!

Printed Next Level™ Men's Premium CVC V-Neck T-Shirts

Personal safety kits: Personal safety items have become the latest and the most appropriate items these days. These kits contain all the essential items like hand sanitizers, facemasks etc that come handy for your team in the current pandemic. Customize these with your brand and message and show that you care. This will also convey the message how your business takes hygiene and personal safety seriously and how well prepared you are to cater to the changing times.

Custom Personal Protection Elite Kit

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