Corporate Picnic Ideas and Gifts- Must Read

Corporate outing has indeed been a tradition among businesses – small and big for a long time. It is a great way to reinforce the bonding among the employees and make them feel truly special. With more employees working from home than in office, a company picnic is more relevant than ever.

Summer is the best time to socialize and have fun in the sun. Here are some popular and budget friendly picnic ideas that you will find useful. While organizing picnics, you can either encourage your team to bring the family or keep it for just the employees depending on your budget . You can even conduct a survey among employees to know their preference in this regard.

Food and Beverage

Nothing says picnic like a delectable menu of food of beverages. A potluck is an enjoyable  yet inexpensive way to get an assortment of food on the picnic table.  It will  guarantee that attendees have at least one dish they’re sure to love. You can even organize cookery contests and include the winning entries in the menu. get creative with your ideas to make it more interesting.

Let good times roll in

Games and fun will make an indelible part of every corporate picnic. Think of some slam-dunk favorites when it comes to company picnic and activities like badminton, water balloon toss and more. Inexpensive and fun for all age groups, these games will ensure a fair share of fun for everyone . It is a great way to enhance team spirit among the employees. You can handout custom gifts for the winners and consolation prizes for every participant.  


You can also choose the corporate holiday in office or a far away destination depending on the time on hand. If you have daily commuting employees, a destination close to the office will be a better though less exciting choice. On the other hand, if you are planning a weekend event, you can choose a more distant location.

Also, if the weather is likely to be cold, encourage the employees to bring throw blankets. A smarter choice would be to handout custom blankets to the employees

Picnic Tables

In addition, set up  picnic tables and chairs to ensure a hassle free experience. Add custom printed table covers to highlight your professional image. It will get a lot of attention when you share the picnic snapshots inn your social media pages

Food tent:

In addition, set up a food tent to keep the food protected from bad weather. Get your logo and message imprinted on the tent and cutlery items like  napkins and paper plates to make it look truly professional.


It is recommended to set up a public rest room that is easily accessible. If kids are invited, choose a location with a playground nearby. 

Music and party

Choose a playlist that caters to the tastes of most your team members. Bring a blue tooth speaker to drive up the fun. It will indeed see the party mood surge!

Have a better idea? Feel free to share with us to join an interesting conversation.