7 Reasons Why Lip Balms Are Popular Promotional Items

Summer demands extra skin care for everyone especially the outdoorsy people. This is why marketers can consider including practical giveaways like lip balm in their promotional mix. Apart from keeping the lips soft and sun safe, it will also enhance the beauty of lips. Though it is more common among women, custom lip balm makes an inevitable personal care item for men as well.


Lip balm makes popular promotional giveaways that will complement every promotional plan. Ideal or businesses in all industries, custom lip balm will make your brand more popular than ever. Available in various flavors, lip balm consist of many  natural ingredients and essential oils that will leave a soothing touch to the lips.


Lip balm prevents the lips from getting dry and chapped during winter and dry season and will keep it youthful.

Budget friendly

If you are looking for a budget friendly handout that will ensure consistent impressions at easy rates, look no further than custom lip balm.   Just think of the exposure your brand will get every time your recipients use it   during beach holidays, game days and picnics!

Limitless options

Lip balm is also available in a range of popular flavors and package options. Choose visually appealing models like lip balm in cubes  or ball shaped containers  to  get the undivided attention of the audience. Customize it with your brand and message to make it unique and exceptional.


Lip balm will never look out of place in any promotional plan. Whether you are offering lip balm as a  promotional gift, mailer item or trade show swag,  these giveaways will indeed reflect your brand and message.


Irrespective of age or demographics, everyone uses lip balm, which makes it a universal item that  is always well-received. This incredible appeal is what makes custom lip balm a great choice for all types of promotional events.


Lip balm is small enough to fit in a bag or purse for your recipients to easily carry it around with them. Thus, your message will be seen by people in different locations across distances.

Brand awareness

Custom lip balm will indeed make a smart way to promote your company to the masses! Whether people use it or pass it on to someone else, your business will gain positive recognition. Customize with your brand and message for your promotional events; and your recipients will remember your brand each time they use the lip balm.

 Not sure how to use custom lip balm in your branding?  Reach out to our team for tips and ideas.