Celebrate The Success Of Custom Gifts During Promotional Products Week

Promotional Products Week (PPW) that is scheduled to take place from the 14th-18th September 2015 will make a great opportunity for the marketers to get involved and promote the trend of custom gifts.

12 oz promotional cool gear wine glasses with lid

Promotional products are not all about freebies.

  • Studies show that 89% of recipients retain gifts that are practical and useful.
  • Research studies have found that 3 in 10 consumers change their regular brand to receive a promotional product.
  • Furthermore almost a sixth of consumers said that they will never miss events that dole out free products and often go to extreme ends to gain entry to such tradeshows and business events.Logo Imprinted Banhine Short Sleeve Polo Shirts

The basic objective of Promotional Products Week is to help marketers to recognize the value of promotional products and its role in improving brand awareness. PPW is expected to increase the popularity of the concept of promotional products and their use in marketing activities across the country.

Promotional Products Week is an important date in the US event calendar as it not just showcases promotional merchandise at its best, but also inspire the marketers to employ promotional products to meet their campaign objectives and ensured return on investment. The main highlights of this year’s PPW Week are press coverage and a constant stream of social media coverage illustrating the power of promotional merchandise.

With the nation getting ready for an election year in 2016, this event will have a larger than life impact among everyone considering the huge success promotional merchandise ensured in the Barack Obama branding last time in which promotional gifts like T-shirts and pens that were imprinted with the election slogans “Change,” “Change You Can Believe In,” and “Stand for Change” messages became run away hits.

The PPW will also highlight the latest custom gift trends and popular choices. Customers are easily influenced with the style of presentation of gifts rather than its cost. So even a budget friendly marketer can wow their customers by presenting their gifts the elegant way! Choose the most popular promotional gifts like apparels, writing supplies and drinkware to make sure that the gifts are well received and retained.

Add a personal touch by imprinting your company name or message, which will instantly transform the gift to a keepsake. ProImprint offers free artwork assistance to take you through this crucial phase with ease. Can there be a better option than a trending personalized gift to your clients on this special occasion of promotional products week? Browse our fabulous collection of logo products to choose the gifts that match your theme and to get your customers and community involved in the concept of promotional gifts.

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